10 Money Saving Life Hacks You Need To Know

Oh, yea baby!  Let’s talk about MONEY!

How would you like to learn a few tricks to save some money on daily/weekly household items? If your answer is yes let’s proceed shall we?

With life being so short and time and money being the main contributing factors on how you traverse through this terrain, simple life hacks like these are essential to provide the common household individual with a few secret weapons.

Weapons to make the most out of limited existence and reach the goal of getting more “life” out of life.  Do you know what I mean?  Let’s take a quick look at some of the quick tricks.

1.Make your own dishwasher tablets with household products and an ice tray.

2.Clean your carpet stains with cornstarch and a vacuum.

3.Organize loose cables with an empty toilet paper roll.

4.Seal a leaky shower head with a rubber glove.

5.Make a delightfully stylish twist to tissue paper dispenser (This one isn’t really a hack more of something you would see on a home makeover show). Hey, I didn’t make the video I’m just reporting the news here.

6.Get rid of bugs with honey, paper strips, a paper clip and a bowl

7.Use Alka Seltzer to clean oddly shaped glassware.

8.Clean a dirty, greasy pan with vinegar and baking soda.

9.Reduce the-the dishwashing that goes along with scrambling eggs with a cocktail shaker (this is freaking awesome).

10.Get rid of stinky smells with coffee grounds.

There you go. 10 money-saving life hacks you need to know. Once these saved funds add up you will have a nice amount of money to invest in something that will bring in residual income for you. In other words, you make this “extra” money work for you. What do you think?

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