10 Time Saving Tech Tips You Should Know

When I first stumbled upon this one I envisioned something different from what I tuned into. Not to say that I was disappointed, but at first, I felt like I had been the victim of “click bait”.  

You know when the poster of a Youtube video puts a misleading title and or featured image in the description to get you to click, then once you start viewing or reading you find out that you’ve been had.

Reading through the comments I continued feeling as if I might be wasting my time, but then I remembered how pretentious among other things, these commentators can be. I saw a lot of, “who don’t know this” or “I know all these tips”.  

I can assure you, there will be many people who either don’t know these tips or forgot about them.  It just goes to show you that you always have to see and hear things for yourself or risk forfeiting valuable information sometimes.

One thing you must remember before going forward is that these tips are meant to save you time. It seems that should be evident after reading the title, but believe it or not it’s easy to get sidetracked after your brain digests each tip.  Note, this video from 2003, but don’t let the age fool you.

Tizzime Cliff Notes

Use the spacebar to scroll down – We’ve become so used to the mouse that most of us forget that the space bar can be used for more than just…spacing. If you try this you will immediately see that it actually is faster and more convenient. You can use your free hand to move down the page faster while keeping the other hand on the mouse to scroll back up if you go down too far.

Keep typing the first letter of your state on forms – Clicking on that pop-up and scrolling down to find your state on online forms is so annoying. Your frustration is over.

Pre-focus your camera – I know this one isn’t well-known because as David says in the video, people pay big money for cameras that do this. Half press the button down then press down fully. Yes, it probably takes some practice, but if you don’t have the extra money for the fancy schmancy camera…

But if you do have the money, then, by all means, check these out…

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