33 Time Saving Kitchen Tricks That Are So Helpful

It seems like a lot of time-saving tricks usually involve the kitchen.  I suppose it makes sense. We all have to eat right?

If you think about it, even though eating can often be an enjoyable part of being human, it can sometimes get in the way. For example; have you ever been in a rush to get to work, but you know you’re one of those people who needs to eat a big breakfast or you’re useless? If you’ve answered yes, I bet you’ll agree that doesn’t always turn out so well.

This usually results in either an unhealthy food choice or spending unnecessary money on buying food on the way to work.  Neither of which benefit you in any way other than giving you a quick fix. After the dust settles, you realize that you’ve sacrificed quality and value for a little extra time.

So, it seems fitting that we continue the onslaught of kitchen quickies in order to bring balance back to your universe. This particular information comes from the Youtube channel 5-Minute Crafts.

They seem to have a healthy following and after watching the video we can see why.  Below, as always will be the Tizzime Cliff Notes providing you with a quick rundown of what we think are the best tricks/hacks of the video. They will be provided in the order they were seen.  Enjoy.

Tizzime Cliff Notes

Use a beverage bottle to make pancakes – Looks like crepes in the video, but we’re pretty sure you can make pancakes the same way. This is a great idea.  The bottle really seems to accurately easily and effectively shape the pancake into a perfect circle.

Boiled eggs in cold water – Oldie, but goodie. The cold water quickly makes the shell easier to peel off, rewarding you with the whole egg. This also makes it easier to eat as opposed to trying to scarf it down piping hot. Not a good idea. Try this without the cold water and you’ll be either waiting a while or crack your egg will end up stuck to the shell.

Hot potato in cold water –  Just like the egg this makes the outer shell (in this case the skin) come off with ease. All you need now is some salt, pepper, butter, sour cream…

Shaking garlic cloves – Seems like a lot of people like to show this one, but can you blame them. It’s not common knowledge that throwing garlic cloves into a pan or bowl then shaking them up would get them out of that outer skin.

Cut an ear of corn and squeeze out – Wow, this one’s pretty cool.  Simple cutting a slice off the end of a corn and squeezing it right out the cob saves mucho time, but also makes you look like a boss in the kitchen above all else.

Can a key remove a corkscrew? – Wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. What type of wizardry is this?

Use eggshells to clean glassware – Don’t throw those shells away after you easy peel that boiled egg. This one is pretty cool.  while shaking the glass the shells act like a filter cleaning the gunk off.

Freezing coffee and wine for cool drinks – Wow, I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before. Frozen fruit, yea of course, but freezing the wine

Sharpen a knife with a mug – Although this one seems a little dangerous, it sparks curiosity. Caressing a blade against the ceramic bottom of a coffee mug would be one the last way I’d think to sharpen it.

Well, that’s it for now. Look out for some different categories soon. We’ll be looking at the technical side of things soon.

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