How To Access Research Paywall Content For Free

Have you ever started reading an article about something and wanted to know more about the study being referenced?  If so you probably found yourself on a university website staring at a few $’s wondering if it’s worth coins to pay for a research repository that you may never use again.  Well, thanks to Emily Price at Lifehacker that little problem may be solved.

In her article,  Read Research Papers Trapped Behind a Paywall With This Chrome Extension, she explains how a Google Chrome extension named Unpaywall can help you find the same paid content for free if it is available anywhere else on the internet.  I must inform you that this isn’t some type of computer hack that’s going to illegally get you past the site’s paywall.  Emily insists, “Instead, what it’s doing is seeing if there’s another legal version online that you can read instead.”  Cool Huh?

“I get it, universities have bills too, but shelling out $30-$40 to read a bit more about a scientific study I don’t have a practical use for, isn’t exactly a realistic proposition”

To reiterate, the article claims that, “the extension will only show documents that have been published with the full and explicit authorization of the publishers themselves.”  Love them or hate them, these millennials sure know how to save some money.  You have to admit that!  Now, let’s go beyond curiosity and get to the real value within a lifehack like this.

Let’s say you’re a student and need some sources for your research paper.  The content provided by your school doesn’t excite you and you’d rather not use the same information the rest of the class was using.  This is college. Knowing how to access research paywall content for free is a big deal.

If there’s one single benefit to college that’s on par with the skills and information you learn about the world, it’s what you learn about yourself.  College takes you away from your comfort zone and forces you to find out who you are.

There are some who may say that using a tool like Unpaywall is immoral, ha!  To them I say; read my article,  A TUITION-FREE SCHOOL ZONE then tell me how bad you feel about a university missing out on that $30-$40 a pop.

Now that you know how to access research paywall content for free will you try it out. Have you already? Let me know. Leave a reply in the comment box below.

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