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Best Undergraduate Business School

So you want to know what the best undergraduate business school is? Sure, no problem. That’s easy. It’s Google.

Instead of wasting a bunch of money on a well known, big name business school, how about going to that ever useful Google Search bar and researching whatever it is you’re trying to do? We have the technology people. Use it!

If you can afford huge mounds of predatory government debt then you can certainly afford a laptop, desktop, or smartphone to access articles, pdf’s, free ebooks, and videos on whatever your heart desires. If you somehow can’t afford any of this, get a library card and use their computers for FREE!

Okay, let’s iron out a few things here. This kind of strategy is most likely best suited for one type of business professional. Fortunately it’s the best kind. The ENTREPRENEUR. If you’re trying to get a job in some robotic business outfit who requires an MBA, then by all means go do what you gotta do. This article isn’t for you. But, if you’re interested in working for yourself and making your own mark on this planet then you don’t need that diploma. You certainly don’t need to become a debt slave either.

What you do need is to find out what you’re good at, love to do and find some people who can help you get it done. Again we have the technology. You can do this online in social media groups or in person through connections. Of course one should not take my word for it. Here’s multiple articles in response to a simple query; Is business school a waste of time and money. You take it from here my friend. FOR FREE.

[Feature Photo by Ben White on Unsplash]

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