Does Laziness Increase Survival Rate?

Survival of the SIT only the lazy survive?  According to an article in USA Today, researchers have discovered a link between sluggishness and longer life.  After “Researchers analyzed the amount of energy used by mollusks — think snails, scallops, mussels, and slugs — and found that species that survived over millions of years possessed a “statistically significant difference” in their metabolic rates than those that went extinct.”

Two sentences into reading this article I started analyzing.  “Who are the laziest people I know,”  I asked myself.  When my brain spit out the data, I had to admit that the laziest person I know has managed to age slower than most, if not all the rest of my family, friends, and acquaintances. 

Now, of course, this isn’t the fountain of youth or anything.  It’s not as if you could just settle in as a couch potato and hope to see 100 years.  For one thing, you’d most likely die of heart disease or something.  Instead, this is one of “many tools to assess why extinction occurs.”

“The lower the metabolic rate, the more likely the species you belong to will survive,”

Does laziness increase survival rate? The logic is simple enough.  You move less, you eat less.  If food is scarce you’ll probably last longer than those go-getters who are always burning energy, in need of a refuel.  Again this research was done using non-humans. 

The problem here is figuring out how to apply this theory to human life in this day and age.  I mean, laziness as a means to longer life sounds cool and all, but I for one am not hiring a lazy bum who takes their time to complete the goals set for him/her.  Are you?

The article does mention that “metabolic rate seemed to matter more when a species lived in a smaller habitat,” so they are obviously looking into this a bit further, but I have the ingredients for you right now.  Would you like to see them?  If so you’ve come to the perfect place.

The site you are currently on (Tizzime) is focused on helping you maximize time and live a balanced life through financial freedom.  The main goal is for you to reach a level where you have the freedom and opportunity to enjoy life and work at your own pace.  Instead of laziness let’s call it “Working at our own pace”.

If this study has legs (which it does) and laziness or “working at your own pace” is considered an effective survival tactic, then busting your butt to have multiple streams of income residually hitting your piggy bank like a pinball machine is a great way to accomplish this.  “Moving at your own pace”, in the beginning, will provide a less than desirable success rate. But, doing so later maybe just what the Doctor or Researcher ordered.  Think about yourself as a cat. 

They sleep most of the day, but when they do move they sure make the most of their time!  Now tell me what animal is considered the King of The Jungle?  Choose your next move wisely.

“Live long and prosper”

[Featured Photo by Wade Lambert on Unsplash]

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