Don’t Let Fake News Bruise Your Blog

Recently President Trump’s battle with CNN has brought the disease that is “Fake News” to a fever pitch.  With news organizations now under the microscope, you can bet your bottom and top dollar that the effects will trickle down to the average Joe or Jane. But, before we delve into Fake News and how it can affect your business or brand, we must first look at the importance of blogging in the first place.

If you didn’t know by now the word ‘blog’ came from a combination of ‘web’ and ‘log’.  It’s basically a diary or journal (that’s a man’s diary) online. Now in the Digital Age, it is apparent that blogging is not only beneficial to your business’ overall success, it’s also necessary. Furthermore,  it can actually have a positive effect on your life.

Real News

Numerous studies and basic expert knowledge have confirmed an undeniable amount of reasons why having a blog is essential for internet marketing.  Wait, before you bloggers who’ve already amassed this information think about bouncing, I assure you; There is a reason for you to stick around.

Internet Marketing Influencer, Jeff Bulla wrote a very interesting and easy to follow article which quickly explains the importance of blogs.  In  9 Reasons Why A Blog is Important for Your Career and Life, Jeff starts with what he believes are the three most obvious motivating factors of writing a blog. Those factors are; “A passion project, an entrepreneur’s platform, and an expert’s expression”.  

After reading through the whole thing you’ll understand the positive personal and social effects of writing a blog such as, “giving introverts a voice” and “opening up a world without borders”.

If you are less interested in personal growth and more interested in financials, then check out the Forbes article, The Top 10 Benefits Of Blogging On Your Website by Jayson DeMars.  In it, he explains how you can increase sales with your words.  As the title suggests he lists 10 benefits, but the real financially important nuggets are;

  • Increases search engine traffic
  • Builds authority in your industry
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Helps generate inbound links
  • Helps you rank for long-tail search queries
  • Increases leads

If you are looking for financial gain, I bet you like that last one.  Okay, so now that we know how blogs can increase your overall success personally and financially, let’s talk Fake News, how it can affect you, and what we can do about it.

Extra, Extra Read ALL ABOUT IT

The first thing most people must realize is that Fake News is not new.  Just do a little research and you’ll see the effects of this “strategy” throughout history. I use the word “strategy” because that’s what it is.

Make no mistake about it, it’s used to manipulate masses of people to conform to one’s personal views.  I’ve left some links below for your convenience.

As you can see, this strategy has been effectively used many times, but the big difference between then and now can be summed up in one word…SPEED.

In this Digital Age, we now live in, Information is so rapidly ingested by humans.  With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, one could find out about a crime before the police or confirm a CEO’s firing even before he/she does. This is both a gift and a curse.  

With our lives being so busy we welcome a faster way to connect with the world, but at the same time it has made us neglect the importance of the all-mighty “Fact Check”.  This puts many into the very dangerous habit of just believing whatever they see/hear or worse not even digesting this information before reacting.  

You want an example, check out this article from USA Today, People think Steven Spielberg killed a Triceratops, where many ‘readers’ were mad at Steven Speilberg for killing a dinosaur that’s been extinct for millions of years. A mistake like this could ruin your credibility and once that happens it’s an uphill battle with no legs to get back to the top.

How do you feel about fake news?  Leave a reply in the comment box below.


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