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Don’t Let Your Job Sabotage Your Career

What’s the difference between a job and a career? No not the Webster’s Dictionary definition. I’m asking you to put it into your own words. Go ahead I’ll wait…

Now, tell me; Are you currently a time slave to a dead-end job or are you a dreamer, risk-taker, a leader in the midst of a successful career? That was kind of trick question. Any JOB is a dead-end job. Now, I’m going to flip the script on you.

You Had Me At Hello

A lot of times we watch movies for entertainment purposes and totally miss the message that was consciously or subconsciously placed before us. I believe looking at motion pictures from an entrepreneurial perspective is a great way to shock your system out of a state of slumber and into fight or flight mode. Believe it or not, THAT is where we need to be.

While looking for a nice article to link to I came across Top 10 Movies for Entrepreneurs. The link provided for your convenience. In the article, the author, Karl Delossantos, lists what he thinks are 10 of the best movies for entrepreneurs.

In the list are some greats, such as Joy, The Social Network, and The Pursuit of Happiness. But, for me, I loved the non-conventional addition of Jerry McGuire and Office Space.

I will not go into why these two are so important because I’d like you to see for yourself. Seriously, I’m not being lazy, I do. Okay here’s a hint, three words; MAKE A DECISION.

This is YOUR life. It’s not your wife’s, husband’s, kid’s, or parent’s, and it certainly isn’t your boss’s. Now I’m not saying turn your back on your responsibilities. Actually, if you think about it I’m saying the complete opposite.

Make the decision to spend less energy and attention on your job and more on your career and you will be able to provide you and your family with the luxury of genuine FINANCIAL SECURITY. Oh, you like your job? Cool!  If you like your JOB, then turn it into a CAREER. Huh?

Have you ever wondered how much money your boss makes? How about your boss’s boss. How about your boss’s boss’s boss. I think you get the point. Cut out the middlemen and go straight to the top. Yes, that’s right.

Once you make the decision to follow your dreams and do what you have been put on this earth to do, I guarantee you’ll find that young dreamer with all the aspirations staring back at you in the mirror with a big smile. Just smile back and say; HELLO.

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How do you feel about this post? Can your job sabotage your career? Leave a reply in the comment box below.

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