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Happy New Year! Yes, I know it’s 24 days after the fact. Sorry, we were busy. But, this is a good thing.

Have you noticed how fast time flies these days? It feels as if we just popped the cork on 2020 and it’s almost February already. By the time some of you read this it maybe March or April. For some of you, it maybe 2021. What gives? Is time somehow moving faster? No, we are just busier.

On an average day, one could go to work, come home, binge watch a whole season (one of those 8 episode ones) of a show and catch up on all the irrelevant news and social commentary of the day before packing it in for the night.

With so many options and distractions, it’s easy to reach the end of the year without accomplishing any of the goals you set at the beginning. Luckily there’s a way to prevent this from happening. Two words; Growth Mindset.

It’s very hard to stay focused. It’s especially hard these days. That’s why you’ve got to find ways to stay on track if you are serious about reaching your goals. We’ve been working on helping you with that.

In a little over a month or so we’ve added more content to our YouTube channel and a creative collection of T-Shirts. If you like this blog we are sure you will love the new content and products.

In addition to inspirational and motivational videos, we’ve also added meditation videos that you can use to get your mind right at any time of day. That takes care of the mind and soul. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about the body, that’s next on the agenda. In the near future. A future that looks to be bright for all of us.

“Will Generation X and the Millennials do a better job running the world than the boomers have? Let’s hope so”. – P. J. O’Rourke

If you were born roughly between 1965-1980 (some say 1981), then you are a member of Generation X. If you’re wondering why this matters, it’s because this very important information regarding that bright future I was just talking about.

In a recent CNBC article, Stephanie Neal and Richard Wellins bring light to the neglected fact that Gen X’ers are about to be running the world very soon. It’s an interesting article and you should read it, after this of course. I’ll give you the main idea here though.

To use a baseball reference, in a nutshell, Baby Boomers are up at the plate with 2 strikes and 3 balls. Gen X’ers are “on deck” waiting for their at-bat. Some Millennials and Gen Z’ers will say that the Baby Boomers have already struck out. Therein lies the problem.

Take for instance the “okay boomer” thing that was all over the internet not long ago. If you don’t know the reference you can check this out. Watching this video is a perfect example of where we are in the world.

We have 2-3 groups or generations battling each other while one group sits silently listening, watching and learning.

I am by no means trying to suggest any, one generation is better than the other, what I am suggesting is that there is only one generation that has no choice but to understand the past, present and future equally well because they were born in the midst of the industrial and technological evolutions. You read that correctly; EVOLUTION.

This group that’s stuck in the middle also just so happens to be next in line to take over the reins as well. That’s where our feet are currently planted.

Of course, not every person within a group or generation will think and act exactly the same, but through science, we have learned that childhood development determines what type of person we ultimately become.

Since that’s true, it only makes sense that the society we grow up in will end up being the main contributor to the end result. With that being said we should have an optimistic view of the future.

“While Gen X may be equally capable of digital tasks as millennials, they also show a mastery of conventional leadership skills more on par with leaders of the baby boomer generation. That includes identifying and developing new talent at their organizations and driving the execution of business strategies to bring new ideas to reality”.

The year is 2020. In the rearview of an Uber are tubed television sets, typewriters, payphones, and dial-up modems. Through the windshield, we see an endless amount of ever-improving mobile devices in a sharing economy. What’s down the road?

Advanced A.I.? Truly autonomous vehicles? A cure for cancer? Time travel? These are just a few of the possibilities ahead of human civilization but the only way to reach new levels of existence is through growth. The only way to grow is to change our mindsets. The only way to change our mindsets is to stop fighting with each other and start listening to each other. Working with each other. That goes for all living generations including the aforementioned Generation X which I may be biasedly high on. Here’s a good reason why. I truly believe BALANCE is the key.

Whether your on either side or in the middle of the current lay of the land, one thing remains an absolute fact. We are all part of ONE generation. That is HUMAN generation. We’ve come a long way. Have we changed this world for the good or the bad? Only time will tell. The good news is, we still have time to increase our odds. Here’s hoping we choose the good.

[Feature Photo by Sharosh Rajasekher on Unsplash]

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