How 3 Boys Made Every Girl’s “Valentine’s” Day

Valentine’s Day can be one of the most depressing holidays on the calendar.   Whether you care about it or not, the society we live in will try it’s best to get some kind of emotion out of you.

You look around and see all the balloons and flowers, the candy and cards.  Then people ask you what you have planned for the day.  Who’s your valentine?  Forget depressing, this sounds stressful too.  Especially for girls in particular.

If you’ve ever seen Mean Girls then you can imagine the great time some young women have during a day when lots of attention is focused on how much someone else cares about you.  And that was back then.  It’s worst now (social media).

Luckily for us and our society, not all of the youth are as bad as we may think.

You Get A Flower!

Remember when Oprah gave everyone in the audience cars?  Same concept, smaller bank account, possibly bigger hearts.

Thanks to The Today Show’s Hoda and her Morning Boost, we learn that 3 boys from a Kansas school took it upon themselves to make sure EVERY girl in the school got a flower on Valentine’s Day.  Nice.

Now, I’m not one for participation trophies or anything like that, but this is different.  This is not fake, we are the world, let’s all just get along baloney, that most celebrities are shoveling to stay relevant. 

This is regular people, young boys showing that the genuinely care about girls.  Females.  In this day and age of so-called toxic masculinity.

Now I don’t know if these boy’s parents put them up to this, in the midst of some type of statement they wanted to make through their kids, but I don’t even care.

When I hear that, one girl told the principle she was afraid to come to school because of Valentine’s Day because she felt left out.  But, this made her day.  “She loved it”.  That’s the desired outcome for me.  And it should be for you too.

[Feature Photo by Andrii Podilnyk on Unsplash]

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