How Can I Make More Money?

So, you want to learn how to make more money, huh? Believe it or not, reaching this goal is NOT as complicated as you think. In very few words I am going to show you a simple way to not only increase your income but to increase it TEN FOLD!

Let’s assume you are talking about making more money legally.  The reason I even bring this up is that there are faster & easier ways of getting rich than the method I am about to explain to you. For instance, you could;

  1. Rob or steal
  2. Marry a rich person
  3. Win the lottery

These are probably the top 3 fastest ways to make more money, but they all come with their own baggage, right?

You rob or steal the money, you might end up dead or in jail.  NOT COOL. You marry a rich person just for the sake of making more money and down the line, you may end up dead or in jail (People do not like other people fooling with their emotions).  You win the lotto…hey no downside to that right? 

Well, if you think about it at some point you’ll realize that taxes are going to take a big chunk of your winnings, family, friends, and fake friends will do their best to manipulate you right back into obscurity, and most importantly; You did not earn it.

When something is given to you its almost always taken for granted.  Even when it’s not, you’ll never appreciate it the way you would have had you earned it.  Now add in the fact that you most likely have no idea how to manage such a large sum of money.  This is why a large majority of lottery owners end up broke after winning multi-millions. Don’t believe me?  Check this and this out.

I apologize if I have just done the impossible and made the idea of having more money sound depressing, but if you paid close attention I kind of pulled a switcheroo on you.  You see this article is about ‘how I can make more money‘ not ‘how I can get more money’. 

You see to ‘make’ more money you have to work for it.  Unless you work for the crooked Federal Reserve, but that’s another story for another day.  The previous points were made just to set the table or lay a seed. 

I needed to clearly express the difference.  MAKING more money is a great thing, in fact, it is the only way you can truly be free in this world.

Financial Freedom Is The Only Freedom

Several years ago I read a book that put a perspective on life that to this day I have still not forgotten. In Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert T. Kiyosaki used a strategic combination of anecdotes and basic financial terms to break down and explain the difference between the minds and cultures of the rich and poor.  Cutting to the chase, there are two phrases in the book that got the gears turning in my brain; ‘Financial freedom‘ and ‘residual income’. 

After reading the book and dissecting the personal accounts of the author I realized that the economic courses I scarfed down throughout much of my life were leaving me malnourished mentally and financially.  Then, just like I was trained to do subconsciously throughout my life, I fell asleep again neglecting the knowledge I had just gained.

Ironically it wasn’t until I connected with a new “employer” that I re-connected with my interest in entrepreneurship.  While training for my new position as an Inside Sales Agent for a real estate agency, I was introduced to a former Car Salesman turned multi-millionaire by the name of Grant Cardone

Being in sales for many years, I naturally thought I knew everything and I doubted there was anything this guy’s “sales training program” could teach me.  “You pay for this,” I sarcastically asked my boss after watching for a few minutes.  I kid you not when I tell you; by the time I finished the first video I was willing to give this guy a shot.  Again I was won over by simple logic.

“Go to a Tony Robbins event and he’ll show you how to walk on hot coals.  Go to a Grant Cardone event and he’ll show you how to turn those coals into DIAMONDS.”

Similar to the philosophies of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Grant or Uncle G as he is sometimes referred, preached about the importance of financial freedom and residual income, but the difference is he wasn’t as reserved as Robert Kiyosaki was in his book, he was more like his Robert’s Rich Dad.  For me, this helped me relate. 

He passed the eyeball test.  If he’s faking the passion he has for sales and the desire to help people succeed then he deserves a damn Academy Award.  To be completely honest with you, I really don’t even think it matters at this point. His strategies work. Let me put this in perspective for you:

After having some immediate positive results due to his sales advice I did some research on the guy and I suggest you do the same, because I’m about to get to the reason why you’re here, and he’s a major factor. 

If you know who Grant is, you can skip down to the last paragraph.  If not I highly recommend you pay close attention to everything you see here.  I mean this with every blood cell in my heart, I truly think this information can change your life for the best.

“Do what you have to do today, so you can do what you want to do tomorrow” 

The 10X Rule

If you’ve read some of my posts here on Tizzime then you might be getting tired of me mentioning this book, but you will not see any apologies.  I repeat, The 10X Rule will change your life for the best forget about the better.  The philosophy is simple; If you want to accomplish any goal, make sure your attempts are dialed up to the 10th degree.

In other words, take whatever your standard level of effort is and times it by 10!  For example; if you really need some money fast and decide to sell one of your prized sneakers or handbags don’t just throw it on eBay and cross your fingers, that’s a 1X move.

Why don’t you put it on Craigslist, see if a friend, family member, or co-worker is interested?  Maybe you don’t stop with one, maybe you need the money more than you need these material possessions and you put them all up for sale!  If you incorporate this strategy into everything you do then you will always either accomplish your goal or go well beyond it. 

MASSIVE ACTIONS = MASSIVE RESULTS.  Notice how failure is not an option in this equation?


If you haven’t figured it out by now, one of the best ways to make more money is to implement something like the 10x Rule into your life and use it as consistently as humanly possible.  If you look to the left you will see that I’m not just whistling Dixie here.  There are my 10X button and the audio version of The 10X Rule from audible (which you can sign up for here).  These are not just products from a Salesman, they are INVESTMENTS and I have already received a huge return on investment.  This guy was so convincing that after just a few videos I was able to start chipping away at my preconceived notions, fears, and optimism about the quest for financial freedom.  This very website and these blog posts are just the beginning.

I recently launched my first product on Amazon and to make a long story short things are moving in the right direction.  This all leads me to the heart and soul of this cerebral adventure.  If anyone knows how precious your time is it’s me, the founder of Tizzime.  Rest assured my friend, I am not wasting yours right now.  Hang in there.

10x Growth Conference

Grant plays host to a 10x Growth Conference where he assembles some of the most successful Entrepreneurs in business today and gets them to hop on stage to give their own individual incite into how the game is played and what can happen to you if you do not play it right. 

The game I’m speaking of here is LIFE, and if you don’t understand how it’s played what do you think is bound to happen to you?  This is the way I see it. Right now, I’m going to be as blunt as Grant is.  Here are your choices;

  1. If you’re short on cash or just don’t like paying for anything, then go to Youtube and check out a few videos from Grant Cardone.  I’ve even added a great one below.  If you’re ready to free yourself from the shackles of financial slavery then you’ll find some money to invest in either Grant’s or someone else’s advice after seeing the guy in action and listening to his FREE advice. The guy is SCHOOLING us on how to make more money and his name is GRANT for God’s sake. Get it?
  2. If you know a little bit about Grant and read a book or two, but you’re not sure about plunking down a thousand and change to go to the next 10x Growth Conference in person, then check out this Keynote Video Series from the 2017 conference.
  3. If you’ve got one foot in the 10X pool and you’ve been thinking about jumping in then go ahead and grab your reduced 10X Growth Conference 2019 complete with a FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO CARDONE  UNIVERSITY.  Remember the training videos I mentioned earlier, the ones that convinced me that this guy was the real deal?  That’s all part of Cardone University.  My first video was an intro to Cold Calling. I seriously recommend you get the tickets first. Why? In addition to the reduced price, buying the tickets will instantly put yot kind into grind mode. Having a great story to tell when you meet a bunch of millionaires is a plus!
  4. This one is too rich for my blood, but if you’re in sales in any capacity and you’re really looking to see what your maximum potential is, there isn’t a better way on Earth to find out than going to Grant Cardone Boot Camp 2018.

As always, I remind you that these are just my opinions and recommendations.  This information is based on what I have either witnessed with my own eyes, physically or mentally done myself or just feel is logic in its simplest form.  It may work for you, it may not. 

The truth is that some people are scared to be free, it’s safer and more reliable to have a master or boss controlling your life.  To those people I have to ask, is that really even a life at all?

So, after all this what do you think the answer is?  How can I make more money? I will keep this simple as promised; To MAKE more money you will have to CHANGE YOUR MIND. You will have to de-program the mental constraints injected into your brain by your parents, friends, schools, teachers, employers, lovers, and co-workers.

Then, after you’re free from the shackles you’ll have to re-program it to get as far away from that box it just escaped from.  Thomas Jefferson once said, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”  Have you ever had a million dollars?  What about a billion?

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