How Can I Stay Motivated?

It’s very difficult to keep that can do, positive attitude when it seems like the world is giving it to you from all angles. In the past, a slower, larger world granted us a bit of room for procrastination or a little extra time to handle learning curves. 

Today the world is smaller and with the emergence of the technological revolution, there’s no mercy. So, how do you stay motivated towards your goals while life moves at light speed?

In the Huffington Post article, Why Self-Help Usually Doesn’t Work … and What Always Does, Morty Lefkoe offers a great piece of insight. He states, “The presumption implicit in most attempts to change behavior is: Information (I) + Motivation (M) = Change [C}.”  I like this theory.  In fact, it is similar to a formula I created in my own article, How To Make A Million Dollars Without Working Another Day In Your Life!  I think I go a little more in-depth.

If you are in need of motivation change will always be your desired result. So now that we know that you want to change, let’s find out how you can stay focused on your goal; ie. motivated.

Reading Rainbow

So we have Information (I) + Motivation (M) = Change [C}. When I sat down to write this I kept thinking to myself, “books were very important”.  After singling out a few millionaire “influencers” I found that all of them had read many books and advised anyone who wanted to succeed to do the same.  You see how I link wealth and success?

I’m not trying to say that success always goes hand in hand with material wealth, but I can tell you that material wealth is always derived from success.  Even the entitled kid who grew up with a silver spoon in his or her mouth is the result of someone’s (usually parents or grandparents) success.

If you really think about it the information eluded to in the formula above can basically be attributed to reading. Sure you can obtain information through sound via audio books and by going to speaking events, but there’s no substitute for the intimate absorption of information that reading provides. Other methods of ingesting and digestion information leave too much room for distraction.

One can be distracted during a speech or audiobook.  While this is happening you might think that you are doing a good job of retaining the information, but science has proven that multi-tasking is a myth. It’s basically half-assing each individual task.

On the other hand, when you’re distracted while reading you usually stop reading until you can get your mind back into it.  if you can’t you stop and pick it up later. Am I wrong?

If you’re of a sudden age you can remember back to a time when reading was the main priority of our society’s agenda. “Reading is fundamental” was the phrase that pays and it still is. For that group.

Go ahead and look at the most successful million and billionaires of today. One pattern you might notice is that their birthdates range from 1980-1990s.  All of these technological breakthroughs are coming from the “Reading Rainbow” viewers from the past.

So, why am I harping so much on reading? This is supposed to be about motivation right? Yes, it is. Remember the formula from above? Well, before you add the (I) with the (M) you must first realize that a steady diet of information builds confidence which in turn is, in my opinion, the best source of motivation. Think about it.

When you first get a job your learning the ropes, your confidence may be lower than usual. You will make mistakes and depending on how long it takes you to adjust to the learning curve, you may start to feel like you just aren’t good at this. As you look around you at others who started at the same time as you, you may notice them succeeding at a faster pace.  What do you do?

The Game of Life

Let’s go back to the 80s again, where a very popular game by the name of “Life” that took the country by storm. There were no iPads back then, so people actually interacted at home. For those that don’t about this very popular board game, here’s the summary; it’s about life. No just kidding.  Here’s a little more in-depth explanation of the game’s concept from

“This game attempts to mirror life events many people go through from going to college, raising a family, buying a home, working and retiring.

The intent of the game is to have the most assets at the end of the game, assets are earned primarily by working and earning tokens with dollars amount on them. Additionally the first person to complete the course gets additional money tokens.”

What’s the point?  Life will hit you with obstacles, and lack of motivation can ultimately be a big one.  It could honestly be the difference between financial security and a basement apartment in your parent’s house.

Don’t be discouraged though, because there is a way to hack the game of life.  Real life. Whether it be work, school, the gym, the office, the ring or the arena, information is the key to motivation.

In America’s not too distant past, the ability to read was actually an offense punishable by death. Slave owners would punish or sometimes kill one of their slaves if they knew they could read or even for being a bit too articulate.

This was a logical way to keep what they believed to be an inferior race of people from evolving. After all, it wouldn’t be wise to enhance the intelligence of a race of people you bred to be bigger and stronger than you, right? That’s the power of information.

What’s the most powerful object on this planet? No, it’s not a gun or a bomb, it’s a book. The Bible (whether you find it credible or not) is responsible for never-ending wars involving millions of deaths over time. In contrast, it gives hope to those who can not find it anywhere else. That’s the power of information.

Have you ever wondered how nerdy guys like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs were able to create products and services that millions of people today call cool? Nerds = cool? How is that possible? That’s the power of information.

Have you ever been around a guy that’s really not that cool, attractive, or charismatic but somehow has the confidence and proven success to be the center of attention in any room?  You know that smart ass that everyone hates but has to pretend to like because he or she is so good at what he or she does.  That’s the power of information.

So you asked; How can I stay motivated? The answer is information. You see the only reason you need motivation in the first place is to reach a planned goal. The best way to keep your focus on that goal is to immerse yourself in whatever subject pertains to that goal. Warren Buffet didn’t wake up one day with a superpower to pick winning investments. Check out this excerpt from a Business Insider article on his life.

“Warren Buffett spent his late teens consuming as many books on stocks and investing as possible. When he picked up a copy of Benjamin Graham’s new book “The Intelligent Investor” in 1949, his life was changed.”

The End?

Information doesn’t just come from books, but I’d say they are the foundation of any successful attempt at motivating yourself.  In addition to books, interactions with experts in your preferred field who share and have accomplished goals that you have set will fully equip you with a continuous knowledge base that will result in success.

Though it may take some time there is almost no way you fail at accomplishing any goal if know everything about what it takes to reach it.  Think about it, motivational speeches are just people informing you about what they went through in order to accomplish their goals.  You want to stay motivated, that’s easy…just stay informed.  The rest will work itself out.

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