How Dedicated Are You?

What would you do if your only car broke down the day before you were supposed to start a new job at a moving company which is 20 miles away?  Wait, before you answer that question, suppose you didn’t have any other means to get to work.

If your answer is call out, then you and 20-year-old college student Walter Carr may not be cut from the same cloth.  This young man decided to wake up at midnight and walk an estimated 8 hours (20 miles) to work.

What happened along the way and after may have been reported by news sources, but I’m going to dig deeper and attempt to see what may lie beneath the surface.  What happened here could be a lot bigger than it seems.

Someone, please find me that old guy who always talking about how he used to, “walk 20 miles to work”.  I have someone I want him to meet.

“I didn’t want to defeat myself”

So, young Carr starts walking and with an estimated 8 to 10 miles to go he’s stopped for a rest because his legs were hurting.  This is when he was approached by an Officer from the Pelham Police Department.

The officer asked if everything was alright and once he found out what was going on he and three other officers took Young Carr to breakfast.

With time to spare Carr gets dropped off at the home of the client, Jenny Lamey, who was amazed when she found out what had just happened.

Rightfully so, she was even more amazed when he kindly refused to partake in the break on the couch with some food that she offered.  At least until your crew arrives?  Nope.

After the job was done the client calls the CEO of Carr’s moving company and had plans to start a GoFundMe to get Walter a new car, but Luke Marklin, the CEO had a better idea.

In the midst of meeting with his CEO for lunch, Carr was surprised by the “Lamey family, Pelham police, and his colleagues.”  They weren’t just there to clap hands and smile. They were there to witness Luke Marklin give his DEDICATED new employee his very own Ford Escape!

“He’s like the poster boy for no excuses,” she said. “He’s just got this deep faith, he wasn’t alone.”

Even before I add my two cents in here this is a great story.  One that almost brings a tear to my eye.  But I want to bring up two things I haven’t seen in any of the reports.

First off let me point out the fact that Walter Carr is a young African-American male and most if not all the other major players in this story are White.  If you are wondering why I am bringing this up, let me remind you we are talking about Birmingham Alabama here.  Just in case you didn’t know Birmingham is basically GROUND ZERO when it comes to CIVIL RIGHTS in the United States.  Use that link there.

If you look into the history of this city, then read this story again, you may realize that this story could have had a different ending. But, it didn’t.  Instead, we end up with a community rewarding one of its brethren’s DETERMINATION and DEDICATION with common DECENCY.

This is a prime example of what humans are capable of and if you believe in God, then situations like this are probably the only reason we are still allowed to be here.  I failed to mention that young Walter Carr is a Hurricane Katrina survivor.

For him to keep finding the power within himself to shake off huge obstacles and come out on top, you’ve got to believe he’s here for a reason.  I believe you are right Jenny Lamey.   “he wasn’t alone.”  How else can you explain Walter having the last name CARR.  I guess the extra “r” is for RELIGION?  How DEDICATED are you?

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