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How To Beat The Plastic Ban

If you haven’t noticed the war against humankind has made its way towards plastic.  Yes, plastic!  You know, that material almost everything we use today is made from, it’s soon to become the new ‘smoking a cigarette’ of this generation.  Go stand outside in a corner with that large soft drink and your disgusting PLASTIC STRAW.

Some of you may be too young to remember a time when one was allowed to puff a square in a restaurant or bar. I’m assuming if that’s the case you probably didn’t even know what a “square” was until now. That’s okay, we like to learn here.

Speaking of education, here’s another juicy bit of information for your mind to soak up; Doctors literally used to promote cigarettes?  No for real!  Don’t believe me? Click here.

Ah, the good old days when getting lung cancer was cool.  While a ban on plastic may seem like a positive for the planet and for our society there are also some caveats.

I’d assume the main concerns for most people would revolve around eating and drinking since those are two things that we depend on for survival.  Also, those are the two instances where we are most likely to discard plastic and more often than not it’s not being discarded properly.

So if we are thinking about food and drinks then we are talking plastic bags and plastic straws.  For those of you pondering about plastic bottles and containers, they’ll take longer to phase out due to the gigantic cost of changing the grocery industry.  As you read this the push to get rid of plastic bags and straws has already started.

In this article from NJ.Com, we see that a New Jersey proposal plans to be the strictest ban on plastic in the nation.  Amongst other things, there is a bill in the works that seeks to  “create a 10-cent fee on single-use paper bags, to finance a new “Plastic Pollution Prevention Fund”.  Whoa!  Nickel and dimming never sounded so bad.  So, with all this going on what are your options?

Your best bet is to get ahead of the curve now.  Yes, there’s talk of paper straws being used in the near future, but they can cost up to 10 times more than their plastic counterparts.  Do you think businesses will be quick to jump on that idea?  No.

They’d rather hand you a beverage without a straw and let you figure out the rest.  Oh, the poor little kids.  Just out the sippy cup, they aren’t ready for this.  Do yourself a favor and get one of these reusable straws and reusable grocery bags.  Browse through and pick the ones that best suit you and your needs.  Trust me it’s always better to be prepared.

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