How To Express Yourself Through Fashion

The world is filled with many different personalities, the one thing they all have in common is “expression.”  Nerd, jock, model, rebel, these are all terms or titles usually bestowed upon individuals as they are coming of age in middle and high school, even through college.  

Believe it or not even after we’ve all become so-called “adults” we still exercise a considerable amount of energy trying to show the world who we are.

Think about it.  When most people wake up in the morning and prepare to go out, there is a moment of reflection that takes place as they stand in front of the closet.  The question that you ask yourself is, “how am I feeling today”?

The answer to this question will determine what you eventually pull off the hangers.  As I said before there is a correlation between human beings and expressing themselves, but the way in which you do this will depend on many factors.

The extrovert may welcome “Apparel Attention”.  These are the type of people who don’t mind throwing on an eye-popping outfit with bright colors or unusual prints. The introvert is a little different. For those less comfortable with attention, certain attire might be off-limits to them.  This is where TeePublic comes to the rescue.

Find Your Fit

What’s the only piece of clothing you can wear no matter what, without feeling uncomfortable?  The answer is a tee.  Loose-fitting, tight-fitting, take your pick.  T-shirts are worn by any and everyone.  

If you can find one person in this world that has never worn a Tee in their life I’d question the validity of your finding.  I mean they are the perfect apparel answer.

Whether an introvert or an extrovert, you can put on a tee and silently express yourself.  Do you like Star Wars?  No problem.  Throw on a unique Star Wars Tee that no one has ever seen before and then watch the magic begun.

Finding like-minded individuals has never been easier to do.  If you’re just a glutton for attention, choose a thought-provoking or even crass design or saying that is guaranteed to turn heads.  It seems like something that’s already been done right?  Wrong.  Teepublic is a pretty unique site.

Sure you can go into Target, Walmart, or some other “Graphic Tee” selling store, but the options are limited.  Musicians, comic book stuff, blah blah blah.  Teepublic steps it up a notch.

When looking for Tees to match your political, personal, comedic, or philosophical, point of view you can not go anywhere else.  With Teepublic you are privy to a boatload of artists who personally create eye-catching designs matched with thought-provoking quotes.

Talk about saving time and energy.  Who needs a dating service when you have a company like this that can get you a conversation with a real-life person ORGANICALLY!

As far as I’m concerned this is one of those simple yet genius ideas.  I’ve personally tried their products and tossing the fact that they don’t offer free shipping aside, I’m satisfied so far.  But, you don’t take my word for it. Click here to find out for yourself.

Additional Information

All their Tees have a pretty form-fitting cut, so if you want a bit more room you should go for the “Relaxed Fit”.  Also while the quality is satisfactory overall, the “Tri-Blend” which is their most expensive style, is by far the best quality.

Made in America it’s soft and smoother than all the rest. But, those are cut really tight and they are really thin.  I suggest you hit the gym for a while before purchasing those.  To give you, even more, insight into the the-the company, below is a great unboxing video.  Enjoy!

[Feature Photo by Reynolds on Unsplash]
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