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How To Make Your Brand Stand Out

The formula is still the same…

Back then they used pretty girls and doctors to sell cigarettes. Cute kids to sell chocolate milk. Fast forward to the new millennium and a scroll of a smartphone screen can produce a new generation of pretty girls and cute kids.  Dr. Oz is America’s physician, and The Kardashians have built a billion-dollar industry around sex.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Yes, technology has changed quite a bit. Instead of big heavy boob tubes, we now have sleek, hand-held media centers and digitized social networks. They’ve cemented keyword lingo such as “marketing” and “social awareness”, but in the end, it’s all the same.

You are trying to sell something to someone. You are trying to convince someone that they want…no they need your product.

Whether it’s for financial gain, philanthropy, or your own individual evolution, we’ve all become salesmen and women in our own right. Think about it.  Even if you’ve never held a sales position in your life and never plan to, you’re already in the business of sales.

Since you were a child you were selling. As a child, you were always looking to sell your mom and dad on the idea that you should be allowed to go to bed later or stay out longer.

As a teenager and into adulthood you had to sell yourself at each and every job interview. “I’m the right person for this job because…,” you’d say at some point in the sales pitch. What about relationships?

Yes, if you’ve ever been in a romantic relationship, at some point you had to convince your significant other that; out of all the other options available, you were the perfect match for them.  

Every human being on this planet is constantly pitching something. With that being said, you may be wondering; how am I supposed to stand out in a crowd like that?

Trust, Quality, and Value

I believe the success of any relationship revolves around, trust, quality, and value.

Most human beings are inherently selfish. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it is part of our survival skills. When you first meet someone you either consciously or subconsciously start looking for markers that can help you determine if this person is a friend or foe. Will he/she help me or hurt me?

In a romantic relationship, you might wonder if you can trust the other person with your feelings. In a business relationship, one might wonder if you can trust the other person with your money.

In a romantic relationship, you might wonder if the mate you’ve chosen is of good quality. Someone that will stand the test of time. In a business relationship, you might wonder if you are getting a quality product or service that will do the same.

In a romantic relationship, you might wonder if you are getting equal or above-average return in exchange for the amount of time, love, effort, etc. that you put in.  In a business relationship…yes, you guessed it; the same thing, but the exchange in that scenario is again, your money. What’s all this mean?

If you are in the type of business where client acquisition is solely or mostly dependent on your ability to market, promote, or “advertise” your product(s) and or service(s), then there is one important thing you need to know. THE MARKET IS FLOODED.

Just scroll through your timeline on any social network and you will be hit with a barrage of “Experts” and “Influencers”.  Every one of them trying to convince you that their way is the best way. Their products are the best products. How do you expect to compete with those huge waves? I’m here to tell you that this flood you see is actually a perfect storm.

Automate Your Altruism

If you’re a Twitter user you may notice an excess of Direct Messages with different variations of self-promotion. “Hey, I sent you a link”. “Check out my site”. “We can help you do this or that”. While this may be successful for a percentage, the truth is, most people stop reading those DM’s after their follow count gets above a few hundred. So, how do you generate leads?

The answer is simple, but the follow-through proves difficult. In order to stand out from the pack and build a lasting relationship with a client/customer or prospective client/customer, you’ll have to check your selfishness at the door.

Instead of constantly self-promoting, why not offer some VALUE in order to gain some TRUST so you can prove that you have a QUALITY product? Staying with the Twitter example; This can be done by simply re-tweeting and or liking something that you feel will help others.

This also lets people know you see and care about what they have to say. Maybe you can mention someone who you think can offer valuable advice or tips to your social community.

These are just a few effective methods, but if you want to go a step further the rewards could be huge.

Let’s say you have a client that’s been spending their hard-earned money with you for a short while. A few months go by and they feel neglected or maybe they just want to test the waters with another brand. This is when it’s time to do some research. 

If provided information on your clients likes and dislikes you could send out a gift they’ll love and never forget or some information that could save them a few bucks. Either or both could determine if they go or stay and spend even more money with you.  To get a better understanding of this whole concept you may want to check out You Must Understand your Buye.

Do you see what I did there? I gave some sound advice this whole time, then hit you with a little “marketing” at the end.  Even if you don’t click on the links I’ve hopefully provided you some value for free, which could lead you to trust me, which gives me the opportunity to impress you with quality service or product in the future.

If not then one single like, or re-tweet, repost or mention is enough to make it all worth it. In other words; Helping you, helps me and vice versa. No matter what the future holds for ‘advertising’, that’s the way it should be.

Wouldn’t it be cool if things would just come to you?  Well, Steven Hall claims you can do just that.  Click here for more info.

I hope this information helps you figure out how to make your brand stand out. If so let me know. Leave a reply in the comment box below.

[Feature Photo by Nicolai Berntsen on Unsplash]
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