How To Quickly Finish Long YouTube Videos

First off I don’t really like to refer to people’s YouTube videos as “boring” but some of them are.  The clocks ticking dude.  I don’t have time to sit through a tutorial that takes forever to get to the problem solving or a 30 minute propaganda piece my “woke” friend texted me. 

Truth be told I’m no exception.  I’ve been known to rant and lose focus myself while creating content, but it’s a different animal when you’re reading and writing.  Audio and video are supposed to be ways of speeding up the reading process.  A sort of cheat or HACK.  At the risk of making this more ironic then it’s about to get, I probably should get to the point.

Okay, say you are pressed for time, but you need or want to watch a long/boring YouTube video.  Here’s what you do; On the bottom right-hand side of the YouTube video screen, you will see the “settings” icon which resembles a GEAR.  It’s right in between the  “subtitles/closed caption” and “theater mode” icons. 

If any of this is confusing don’t worry just hover over all the icons one by one.  The name of the icon will pop up.  Once you find the “settings” icon click on it and locate the “speed” option.  Click on that and you will have a choice of speeds defaulted at normal with a range between 0.25 and 2.  The setting of 0.2 being the slowest and 2 being the fastest. 

Since we are looking to speed up this video you will go for the higher numbers.  I suggest starting at 1.25 then after a while, you’ll gradually go to 1.5 before being ready for 2.

As promised I  inserted a YouTube video that ironically explains how to speed up YouTube videos below.  You will probably be able to use what you learned here to speed up said video.  I warned you about the irony, didn’t I? 

It’s actually kind of funny to use this video to test this hack.  BUT, WAIT THERE’S MORE.  For really long videos where speeding up the playback isn’t good enough, I have two more options for you;

  1. Check the “SHOW MORE” tab located under the brief description below the video.  The uploader might have left time stamps for the best parts.  This way you can just go directly to the best parts.  This is similar to a table of context in a book.
  2. Quickly scroll through the comments.  You will often find a commenter who replies, “the good stuff starts at ____”

This may be child’s play for the tech savvy but I’m sure someone will benefit from this information.  If that turns out to just be one person it’s worth it. Time is that important.

So now that you know how to finish long youtube videos quickly, how will you use this information. Let me know in the comment box below.

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[Feature Photo by Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash]
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