How To Take The Hard Work Out Of Trip Planning

If you’ve ever planned a vacation you know that, besides letting go of your hard-earned money, the monotony of setting up the trip is the hardest part.  Let’s try to take some of the stress out of this, shall we?

I recently started to mentally debate a few destinations for my next vacation. As soon as I pulled out my phone and looked at the cluster of travel apps on the screen, a drop of sweat dripped from my brow.

With all the daily responsibilities we have as adults you’d think planning a trip would be something most of us would get excited about.  Nope.  In fact, planning the trip can sometimes be more stressful than the stuff you’re taking a vacation from.

Where should I go? How do I get there? Who has the best hotel? Who has the best price?  What are the amenities?  Can I get, hotel and airfare together? I could go on, but I’m getting a little neurotic just thinking about this stuff.  To make matters worse, if you are a frugal or on a budget, you’re going to have to go from site to site, opening up different tabs and windows on your screen, in an attempt to find some type of cohesive way to price match.

So, what’s the answer to this time and energy killing task? While there might be competitors out there, I’m looking to put my money on a site that goes by the simple name of, Cheapflights.

Fly By Night?

Why didn’t I find out about these guys sooner?  After bumbling around the google search bar for several minutes, I clicked on a and the first thing I noticed is how simple the top of the landing page was.  Flights, Flight + Hotel, Hotels, Car.  That’s it!  I needed not to scroll any further than that.

After hitting the “Flights + Hotel” tab and adding some trip info, I was on my way.  After a few seconds of load time, I was transported to the next page.  This is where things got more interesting. On the very next page was a list of some of the most popular travel sites on the internet, with a button labeled “view ” next to each of them.  Wait, it gets better.

Hitting any one of the “view” buttons takes you to that website where you can filter.  The best part is, your travel date and time follows you across every site (if you’re starting from the previous screen).  Yes, you will still have a bunch of tabs open, but you’ll spend less time typing in your trip details and have the option to always go back to their main page should you want to start from scratch. This comes in handy when you want to price match.  I was able to narrow down a hotel I liked and compare between 2 sites.  One site was actually charging $20 less.  Hey, that’s a few souvenirs and or drinks depending on where you go.

In addition to what I mentioned above, also offers a wide selection of travel guides, news articles and a weekly email newsletter all of which could help you in many ways.  After searching around for reviews on reputable sites, I was pleased to say they have pretty high scores.  Any negative reviews I saw was dissatisfaction with one of the partners.  What it’s users have to remember is that is an aggregation site or middleman.  They work with other sites to conveniently provide you with options. While they, of course, take some of the wraths of customers, it’s ultimately out of their hands after you make your decision where to close the sale.  Happy trails.

Additional Information

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[Feature Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash]
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