How Valuable Are You?

I bet there’s a good amount of people out there wondering why they aren’t getting the attention they deserve. You know, the blogger who’s wondering why this guy or gal has so many more subscribers to their blogs.

The struggling “Influencer”  wrecking their brain trying to find out how to get more followers.  The aspiring model who is pondering how far he or she should go in order to get more “likes”.  So what does this all mean?  Well, that depends.

If your need for attention is based on an addiction to social media or a bout with depression, I seriously suggest seeking out help.  As seen in the bloodthirsty news cycle of the past week or so, thoughts and feelings like these could result in a shortened lifespan.

On the other hand, if your need for attention or trust is business based, I have one word for you…VALUE.

Value Meal

If you want people to listen to you, trust you, or rely on you to help them make a decision, then you will have to increase your value.  Increasing your value will ALWAYS result in someone else being interested in you.

Check out this scenario;

You’re a classically trained chef who has just opened your own restaurant in New York City.  Your name is pretty well-known, but you’re no Gordon Ramsay.  So the opening day comes and before you know it a highly stressful day turns into night.

The next morning the reviews come in.  The average rating on your eatery is split down the middle, 3.5 stars out of 5.  This is New York City, 3.5 stars ain’t going to cut it, and right now every second counts.  What do you do?

You could give up, close up shop and go back to the drawing board.  No that’s not an option.  You’ve put too much money and time into this.  Cutting the prices is an option, but you have bills to pay and doing that could ultimately end you as well.

The clock’s ticking.  This is New York word travels fast and it the biggest INFLUENCER you’ll ever hear about. You stop, take a deep breath and remember that blog post you saw on Tizzime. Then you say to yourself, “I need to increase my value”.

Turn Up

Let’s stay with the chef.  If this chef reads through the bad reviews and then the good ones, then this chef will realize what improvements are needed to satisfy more people.  If people are satisfied after spending their time or money on your product and or service then your VALUE increases exponentially.

You can use this theory in any kind of situation.  If implemented correctly you will realize that this theory isn’t a theory at all, it’s a fact.  Ever wonder why you hang out with certain friends more than others?

The ones you hang out with more often are the ones who offer you more value for the time you spend with them.  Whether it’s the ability to solve problems or make you laugh and forget your worries, there’s something you find worth wild there.

Increasing your value will not just help those you aim to please, but it will help you too.  You don’t want to stay on level 1 for the rest of your life, do you?  Climb the ladder.

Life is about GROWTH. If TIME and MONEY are the two most important obstacles standing in the way of obtaining your goals then you will have to INCREASE YOUR VALUE IN ORDER TO BE EFFECTIVELY PAID FOR YOUR TIME. This is the essence of your synergy or harmony within life in this world that we are currently living in.

How does Amazon get away with hammering sellers with high fees for the privilege of using their platform to make an honest buck?  Simple, they increased their value.

A company goes from selling books out of Jeff Bezo’s garage to being the world most trusted E-commerce site in what is now becoming an E-commerce world.  How?  That’s right.  You know the answer.  Now go out there and increase yours!

[Feature Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash]

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