I’m Too Busy To Be Healthy

Technology has brought upon us a smaller world and a faster pace.  Today you can see and speak to someone on the other side of the globe with ease, but between apps, breaking news, social events, social media, family, friends, work, and school, staying healthy has moved down in the list of priorities.  This is a little ass-backward, isn’t it? 

I mean staying healthy improves your chances of living longer.  You can’t do any of the time-gobbling things I mentioned above if you’re dead right?

The obvious solution here would be to cut out all the unnecessary crap.  Looking at the sources of procrastination above, the only thing that’s really necessary is work.  Okay, In order to keep from becoming a hermit, cut off from society while not at work, let’s bring back the family and friends.  No, I didn’t make a mistake about school.  You don’t NEED to go to school. 

You just NEED to gain knowledge.  So what are we left with?  Work, family, and friends.  In under a minute I just freed up massive amounts of daily time for you.  Now you can use that technology mentioned earlier to text and or call family and friends here and there instead of having to go out of your way to see them in person each time.  Looks like we are back to work again.

How much gas does your job take out of your tanks daily?  Yes, I said tanks with an “s” because most people do not just come home either physically OR mentally drained.  They come home fatigued from both.  In my article Is My Job Killing Me? I went over some of the concerning health effects involved with working too much.  Listen this is simple. 

Do you want to spend most of your time in this world clocking into WORK until the day you finally clock out of LIFE?  Why spend your existence literally KILLING YOURSELF in order to make the people on top of the pyramid rich?  I’ve just asked a lot of questions that only you have the answers to.  If those answers leave you on a quest to live a healthier life, then I have some great suggestions.

“Our research found of those who have tried a recipe box, eight in 10 said it made eating healthily easier. We think this shows a healthy lifestyle is possible – even for the large chunk of us who lead incredibly busy lives.”

According to information provided by healthy recipe box company, Mindful Chef, recipe boxes are a great way to eat healthy even if your life is hectic.  Let’s give this a quick analyzation.  You pay for a subscription plan which provides enough healthy meals to keep you fed for a week or more. 

What’s even better each meal is different, which helps those who get easily bored from eating the same stuff every week.  I personally recommend SunBasket, but there are plenty out there.  Now let’s get to exercise.

No time for the gym?  No problem.  Bring the gym to you.  There are thousands of video programs, exercise equipment, and even screenshots you can use in your own home to keep your motor running smoothly.  In fact, we have some for you here on our Pinterest board, Health & Fitness

The optimal time to workout is in the morning.  If you wake up earlier than usual, get in a nice sweat going, shower and then go on your way to work you’ll love the outcome.  The benefits include; better focus, sleep, increased motivation and of course a healthier mind and body. If you are worried about losing sleep by waking up earlier, don’t.  Just go to bed earlier.  Now let’s tackle the BIG BOSS…WORK.

Let’s say your job requires you to work hours in excess of 8-12 hours a day (many people work even more).  You get home and you beat, but you still have to cook, exercise, and if you have kids or pets doing the first two effectively will be even more challenging.  Ironically the solution is going to ask you to return some of that time I just saved you.

In my article, How To Make A Million Dollars Without Working Another Day In Your Life! I explained how just about anyone could make a million dollars by realizing what they are good at and finding a way to profit from it.  There’s more to the theory than that, but we are pressed for TIME here.  You see, the mistake many Entrepreneurs make is quitting their job before their dreams come true. 

Just because you have the money to start a business doesn’t mean you should drop everything to do so.  While reading Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight’s Memoir, Shoe Dog, I found out that smart American Dreamer’s take heed to the famous adage, “Don’t quit your day job“. 

In other words, after you find out what you’re good at and find a way to make a profit from it, you “don’t quit your day job” until you are making enough money to bid farewell to the BIG BOSS.  Mr.Knightt always stayed employed by someone else while starting his company, and probably would not have had the means to succeed without doing so.

Bringing this all the way back to health, I say this;  The best way to free up enough time to stay healthy is starting your own business and being the BIG BOSS yourself.  If you’re at the top of the pyramid you possess the power to make your own schedule and that is the healthiest way to live.

If you truly want to stop the insanity and start eating well, Lee Milteer and Richard Webb say they can help you BREAK BAD HABITS.  Click here for more info.

There is it. The truth. Telling yourself, “I’m too busy to be healthy” is not only an excuse, but it’s also a crutch. A way to reassure yourself that your bad habits are unchangeable. Disagree? Let me know. Leave a reply in the comment box below.

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