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iOS12 Helping You Buy Time?

According to a new TechCrunch article, Apple’s new iOS12 may just be worth your TIME, because it may be able to save it.

Reading through the article a few things stuck out to me. First off I like how they broke down the new features into levels starting with Low Level and peaking at Top Level.  By far the best thing to know about the ‘low level’ features is the fact that, “Apple hasn’t dropped support for a single device with iOS 12.”  This tells me that this update is sizing up to be a quantum leap.  Of course, hearing about app optimization and faster speeds get us all excited here at Tizzime, but let’s not sleep on some of the other ways you might be able to improve your life.

Let’s say you went a little too far allowing notifications to certain apps.  No need to waste your time turning them off. Your phone is going to notice all that spammy crap and ask you if you want to silence it. NICE!

“You may know that you spend too much time on Instagram, but seeing that you spend an hour or two every day in the app might be an eye-opening moment.”

After reading a second time I realized that I didn’t really care for any of the ‘upgrades’ in the ‘Medium Level’.  In contrast to the writer, I find myself going back to the ‘Low Level” to quench my time thirst.  For instance, being able to “configure Downtime and App Limits so that only the most essential apps remain accessible at night” is great for those of us with smartphone addiction.  I touched on this in my article How Many Apps Do You Really Need.  This is something that is needed and I’m glad to see that these guys are attempting to satisfy all of their customers.

The Top Level focuses on updates to Siri that will help with some of the…miscommunication if you will.  I’m beginning to feel like they’re giving me a little bit of Steve Jobs in some of these ideas.  For instance, notice the attention to detail here; “In many cases, Siri understands what you say but can’t answer your question. That’s why many people now rely on an Amazon Echo or Google Home for voice queries.”  Very interesting.

I’m pretty sure most devices hooked up to the internet spy on you, but I for sure am not trying to invite intruders into my home.  This is why I don’t do the Amazon Echo thing.  But, when it comes to the phone there’s a lot more trust there.  So telling me that “developers can now add new features to Siri through their apps extensions to Siri’s brain via Siri Shortcuts” my apprehension slowly starts to get replaced with anxiousness to save time and make things easier for me.

When all is said and done here, I like what I’m reading, but seeing is believing.  I often complain that our technological advances have been lackluster the last several years, but just knowing that we have some innovators that are paying attention to our needs whether they be conscious or subconscious gives me a little taste of optimism.

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