Making Millions With Paint

Have you ever looked at one of those million-dollar paintings and said to yourself, “I can do that”? Well, the truth is maybe you actually can.

When rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye West start name dropping fine art painters in their verses it’s time to start doing some calculations. Think about it. In a genre of music where flashing cash, jewelry and bragging about your bank account can define your superstar status why wouldn’t expensive artwork make the cut? Now comes the fun and lucrative part.

Rappers often look up to, admire, and imitate successful (rich) people even after they become successful and rich themselves. Sure they may eventually acquire a taste and keen eye for awesome artwork, but it probably begins with an attempt to fit in. Ironically rich and successful non-rappers also look up to, admire, and imitate rappers. Why? Because musicians are cool. With all that being said, stop for a second and ask yourself how big of a market fine art currently is. After you answer that, look at a Jean-Paul Basquiat or Jackson Pollack and ask yourself, “can I really do that?”

I used the names of Jean-Paul Basquiat and Jackson Pollack for a reason. While their paintings carry huge price tags and are considered prolific by countless art collectors, their styles appear to be something you or I could do without having any kind of formal training. I am by no means trying to downplay the talent of these great artists I’m just trying to make a point.

The type of art saught by many serious collectors is usually expressionism. This is a type of artistic style that uses “distortion, exaggeration, primitivism, and fantasy and through the vivid, jarring, violent, or dynamic application of formal elements.” Just look up the various styles used by Basquiat and Pollack. Modern Art, Action Painting, Abstract Expressionism, Neo-Expressionism. Without knowing what elements each of these consists of you could probably create an expressionist masterpiece just by expressing your emotions or thoughts on canvas. Any of us can do that. Who’s to say you aren’t the next Fine Art prodigy?

If you have children go find one of their drawings or paintings and look at them for a while. If you don’t have kids find some of your own or look some up online. There’s no way you can’t easily find any because art is one of the first ways children learn how to express themselves. When you find an image look at it for a while. What do you see?

Jean-Paul Basquiat dropped out of high school and studied art by taking frequent trips to New York museums. What’s stopping you from doing the same? What’s to stop you from taking an hour or two out of your day, grabbing a blank canvas and seeing what comes out of you? Have you ever wondered why people pay so much for these paintings? It’s value. If you were to put an accurate price on a singular image that invokes thought and emotion every time you look at it the amount would be unfathomable.

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Have you ever wanted to get your point across but your words were unable to convey your thoughts? That’s what music is for. That’s what art is for. That’s why children love drawing and painting. That’s why rappers (the great ones) eventually fall in love with Basquiats and Pollacks. After attempting to fit in, they realize the connection. Their blank canvas is the beat, their paintbrush it the microphone.

Why not try this out? It’s simple and worth a shot. If you end up creating crap what are you really going to lose? A few blank canvases and painting supplies aren’t more than a trip to a concert. Grab some and see what happens. If you do create a masterpiece you might get to live a truly fulfilling life courtesy of something you created. Creativity. You can give someone the tools to be creative, but you can’t teach creativity. You won’t know what’s in there until you pull it out.

So what do you do after you create some art? How do you find out if it’s worth any money? Well, unless you find a guy like Andy Warhol to mentor you and connect you to the right people, there is the internet. Sites like Etsy specialize in selling art. Here’s an article giving you some tips for selling fine art on Etsy. You could also sell your art on the street and hope to make a name for yourself or there’s always Instagram. An app that revolves around the posting of images. Hmm.

[Feature Photo by Andrian Valeanu on Unsplash ]

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