New iPhone? Been There, Done That

Where’s the beef? According to numerous sources including Techradar, there will be another iPhone released soon. Yippy. That’s a sarcastic yippy, FYI. Really Apple, are we going here again?

As expected by anyone who has fell for this trick before, this new iPhone will have a better camera and a bit more speed. “Well, a similar shape and size to previous launches, but they won’t bring amazing changes just now. The main change will be that camera upgrade”. You don’t say. Deja Vue.

Yes, we’ve all seen this movie before. New iPhone, “better camera” and a liiiiitle bit more speed. Drip, drip, drip. I understand that Apple’s strategy for years has been to take advantage of loyal customers and ‘early adopters’ who have been manipulated into buying the newest phone, but it seems like even they are beginning to see the light. By the way, I dim the light on my screen to save battery life, do you do the same? Yea, I know right. They should make a battery that lasts days or even weeks. That would be an improvement worth paying for! Great idea.

Apple iPhone sales have been way down recently and we all know meeting or exceeding estimates is the best way to keep that stock price rising. Now, don’t get me wrong I have an iPhone, like it a lot over Android and plan to continue purchasing them in the future. Don’t quote me on that last part.

If this post-Steve Jobs era is all about the constant drips of upgrades that could have been done in previous models with no real innovation, I may have to reconsider my loyalty. So far this is smelling a lot like a ‘nothing burger’. Maybe things look and sound different on launch day, but I doubt it. So, again I ask, where’s the beef?

[Feature Photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash]

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