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Haters gonna hate, right? When you’re trying to improve your life you’re always going to run into those people who don’t want to see that happen. Whether it’s jealousy or fear of abandonment someone in your circle will attempt to guilt you into staying in the same lane with them. Don’t fall for it.

Have you ever heard the expression, “those who believe you can’t improve quit improving.” This is a simple theory that makes a lot of sense. If someone has given up on the idea of improvement they have obviously decided that improving one’s life is not all it’s cracked up to be. If you agree by all means stay right next to them on the hamster wheel, running in place. Going nowhere fast. If you disagree you have to make a move.

If your family, friends or co-workers want to drink liquor, party and eat donuts with their free time let em. You have other plans. If you want to make more money, spending dough on parties every Friday and Saturday isn’t going to cut it anymore.

You want to improve your health by losing weight, eating better, or getting into better shape? If so then snacking on sugar-filled treats while sitting on your ass in the office or guzzling down mixed drinks like a college student isn’t on your mental calendar. Forget them and their excuses for being average. You want more for yourself and you deserve more.

By just having the idea to change your life for the better you’ve put yourself in a different, more advanced level than them. They are either going to eventually walk down this road with you or watch you fade away into the sunset on the way to your journey.

Get started today. Why wait. Take your first step and I guarantee you rest will get easier as time goes by. When those haters start panicking and making jokes or looking down on you as if you’re an outcast, just laugh it off.

One day you’re going to look and feel better than they have ever seen you look or feel before. You will look and feel better than they ever have ever looked or felt before. Who gets the last laugh in this scenario? You.

At this point, these haters are either going to cry inside or ask you to show them how to do what you did. Maybe they’re going to do both. When this happens staying humble will benefit you all. Don’t devalue yourself by rubbing in the fact that you proved them wrong (even though you did). Just become the leader that you’ve now realized that you are. Show them the way. This is how you access a higher power. Once you reach a certain level the only way to enhance self-improvement is to, help improvement.

[Feature Photo by Eduardo Dutra on Unsplash ]

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