Stop Wasting Money On Cable

If you really think about it, having cable at this point is comparable to being caught up in a lopsided sports trade.  Picture this…

You only want one player from a particular team, let’s use Michael Jordan for example. So, you’re trying to get Michael Jordan from the Chicago Bulls, but they’re asking for way too much.  

They want your top player, your prized rookie sensation and a future 1st round draft pick.  No way right? Well, the problem is, you really want Michael Jordan on your team.

You counter, but they won’t budge. What do you do? The answer is pretty simple.  You have no choice.  You make the deal, give up more than you should to get something you desperately want, and live with the consequences of your actions. Sound familiar?

Times have changed and cable companies have adjusted accordingly. First, they noticed consumers downgrading from these bloated packages. When times got tough, the tough started going to the basic cable plans, but the crafty cable companies again countered.

Okay, so you want to go down to the bare bones, just the local channels? No problem.  We will set the price so close to the next level that you’re almost certain to say, “screw it, might as well spend ten more bucks and get a few more channels.”  But, they’re not done yet.

Next, they make sure to keep the most popular channels out of that next step up plan. How frustrating is that? You spent the extra green to get a few more channels, but they didn’t include the channels you want. What now?  Let’s go the extreme route, shall we?

You decide to cut the cord altogether.  You figure you can just keep the internet service and watch television online, you know Netflix, Youtube, etc. Guess what?  They’ve thought of that too.

They raise the price of internet so high that you are again left in that rock and a hard place. You are a few measly dollars away from just having a few channels with your internet service. There is no way you’re going without internet or even scarier…WiFi.

Before you know it the playoffs are here and you WANT to see the games turns into a NEED to see the games.  On top of that, your spouse’s favorite show is on a channel not included with the package and the kids are going to want their slice of the pie too if you’re going back to the closing table with another trade.

It seems hopeless, doesn’t it?  Don’t worry your pretty little head, it’s not hopeless at all.  In fact, we’re going to show how you can fight back.

Fight Fire With Fire TV

Instead of being stuck in cable’s sticky and expensive web of constraint, do yourself and your family a favor by getting an Amazon Fire TV device.  Amazon Fire TV is a media streaming device that can be used as a one-stop hub for all your favorite content. Set up is easy and once you’re up and running you will have access to endless visual and audio content.

In addition to Amazon’s streaming services, you will also have access to other popular streaming options such as Netflix, HBO Go, Youtube, etc. If you already have these services (or shared login credentials) you could easily cut the cord and supplement your tv, movie or even video game fix in no time. 

Yes, you can even get games, or order products right from your Amazon account. Even better, you can use your Alexa powered remote to just talk your way through the whole process. The future is now.

This service is pre-loaded on two devices. The Amazon Fire TV  and the Fire TV stick.  The stick works on wifi only and is less powerful than the box, which is reflected in its lower price.

The stick can get the job done for you if you don’t have the money for the box, but you should definitely upgrade when you can it’s worth it. This is the suggested order to go in for the simple fact that after buying both you, can then use the stick as your traveling companion. Wherever you go, all you’ll need is a television and internet access and all your content is right there with you. Sweet!

This is just a brief rundown of some of the great content and functionality that this service provides. In all honesty, there is a vast universe of amazing content available should you do a little searching on Youtube.  One word could change your whole world should you want to explore that deep space…KODI.

Love it or hate it Amazon makes life easier. If you want to save time what’s better than being able to order something online while you’re watching your favorite show or listening to your favorite music? It’s just too good to pass up.

Photo by Joanes Andueza on Unsplash]

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