You’re always going to have those days where anger and frustration corner the market and rent up all the space in your head. Those days where everything and everyone annoys you. You eventually start feeling like you’re being singled out. A black cloud is surely floating above your head. How do you get through these type of days without spazzing on someone?

Have you ever seen the movie Back to The Future? The wacky scientist Doc Brown uses his flux capacitor and a Delorean to take his young pal Marty McFly back in time. This time machine is powered by highly radioactive plutonium. And this is where we make the connection.

Just like Doc Brown we have to take radioactive and unstable elements like anger, frustration and hostility and harness its power for our own benefit. I don’t have to tell you how much energy is consumed by being angry, do I? You’ve probably done some superhuman stuff after hitting your boiling point.

No matter how much yoga and meditation you do there will always come a day when it doesn’t quite do the job. And you don’t always want it to. That same energy used to knock someone out with one punch or rip the top off a stubborn jar can be used to attack today’s goals with unflinching ferocity. The power conducted by your temper can be harnessed for good. Use it, don’t lose it.

[Feature Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash]

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