The Healthy Way To Get Your Pizza Fix

The Healthy Way To Get Your Pizza Fix

Pizza is one of those indulgences that just about everyone loves.  But, don’t go around thinking it’s a ‘healthy’ treat.  THAT depends on a few things.

Have you ever felt bloated and or sluggish after downing a few slices?  How about your blood pressure, notice that rising?   Don’t lie, the answer is yes! 

You can thank the processed meats, big starchy crust, and sodium for that.  You can keep telling yourself that a little bread, tomatoes, and cheese ‘ain’t gonna hurt nobody’, but I guarantee your doctor will disagree.

But, it’s so good though.  I know.  I love it too.  That’s why we are going to break down the healthiest way to eat pizza.

Just to be clear, we are not talking about making the switch to cauliflower crust and kale toppings.  Hell no!  Right now we are referring to a classic pizza slice or pie that you would find in most neighborhoods or supermarket freezer sections in America.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with taking the time out to try new healthier ingredients, but that’s not the point here.

You’re hungry and you want some pizza right now.  You’ve had a long day, week, month, whatever.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of here because you’ve been eating right and exercising for a while.  Now it’s time to indulge.

You stand in line waiting your turn in your nearest pizza shop or alone bouncing your eyes around that glass door in the frozen pizza section.  You’re about to make a decision.  Here’s what you do…

Get Thin Crust

Yes, most people will say the carbs are the best part about pizza, but one damn slice is the equivalent of three slices of bread.   “A thick, white-flour crust pizza can have as many as 30 grams of carbohydrate, and that’s before you add the carbs from the sauce, cheese, and toppings.” 

Damn, forgot cheese was a carbohydrate too, didn’t you?  Solution?  Get thin crust. Yes, thin crust.

A lot of pizza places have a thin crust pie ready for the slicing.  In the freezer section, you’ll probably see more than your usual thicker crust.  As mentioned earlier we are talking about indulging here, so while cauliflower might be out if you can get your hands on a multigrain crust go for it.

Hold The Pepperoni

If you’re used to eating your pizza with pepperoni, this might be hard for you.  I know we said we are going to indulge here, but there’s just no way to make processed meat healthy.  Trust me, the pizza will still taste good without all the fat, nitrates, and sodium from those pepperoni. 

Keep the slices plain or throw some onions on there if you need more flavor.  Maybe even some red pepper flakes.  No garlic salt though.  Speaking of sodium…

Combat The Sodium

Even if you don’t have high blood pressure, watching your sodium intake is a good thing.  If you didn’t know by now having too much sodium in your diet can kill you. 

Also, in case you didn’t know sodium is in everything.  Yes, we actually need salt to live, but not in the amounts that we ingest.  So what do we do?

Stock up on water, fruits, and vegetables.  You probably know that water helps you dilute some of the sodium you intake, but that a good ‘after’ plan.  What you can do to even things out a bit before eating that pizza, is to eat fruits and veggies throughout the day.   “By eating more whole and unprocessed foods, you can reduce sodium and fat intake for blood pressure and blood cholesterol control.”

If you want to indulge this is the price you pay.  Throughout the day, even on days, you aren’t looking to devour a few slices, make sure you’re substituting all the crappy food and drinks with water, fruits, and veggies. 

Trust me, you do this and that slice will taste like heaven.  Even with the cauliflower crust!  Also, this is a good argument for having an extra slice or two.  Cowabunga dude!

[Feature Photo by LuAnn Hunt on Unsplash]

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