The Power of publicity

The Power of Publicity

Scrolling through my Twitter ‘Trends For You’ timeline, I see Kim Kardashian West in a gold dress.  Something about ‘fast fashion’ and imitation.  I like learning stuff so I click on it to find out what the hell ‘fast fashion’ is.  Then I got sidetracked.

The first tweet I see is from Kim or ‘Mrs. West’ if you nasty, and she’s asking the fast fashion brands to “wait until I wear this in real life before you knock it off”.  It ends with the laughing emoji.  The one with the tears coming out the eyes, that means it’s extra funny.  Please note that the tweet I am referring to is from 2/2/2019, but the one I am about to mention is from today.

Underneath the first tweet about knocking off her style, I see a new tweet where she seems to be enraged at the “fashion companies ripping off designs that took designer’s blood sweat and tears to create.”  Hmm.  Nothing left to do now, but read the comments.

Just a couple tweets down and I see someone or some organization named ‘Misguided’ has already knocked off the Kim K dress complete with model and all.  Looks pretty good too.  Then I see another tweet where someone informs @fashionnova that @KimKardashian is talking to them. 

If this is getting confusing you can click on Kim K’s link there and decipher as I did.  Now I realize why ‘it was written’ for me to click on this tweet in the first place.

Publicity Rules The Day & The Dollar

Some say that any publicity is good publicity.  I say it depends on how you slice it up.  Look at Jussie Smollett for example.

Most reports are at least insinuating that the whole Jussie Smollett attack was staged by the ‘victim’ himself.  If this turns out to be true this is a great example of ‘toxic bad’ publicity. 

This is something you’re probably not going to be able to rise from unless you star in a television version of Will Smith films like Six Degrees of Separation or Focus.  Basically playing a Con Man.  On the other hand, Kim K, Fashion Nova, and Misguided may all benefit from their situation.  Any way you slice it.

Times have changed.  Back in the days (the 90s to be exact) you were clowned for wearing a fake or knockoff of a brand name.  We used to literally check your tag/label and ask you where you bought your clothing from to confirm if it was real or not.  Nowadays, a lot of people could care less. 

In fact, a lot of women will tell you straight up that they got the knock-off because they were not about to spend all that money on the real thing.  Or it simply wasn’t available.  No such thing as a 1 of 1 anymore huh? So where does that leave these brands?

I’m not sure if Kanye actually released the gold dress Kim was wearing or not.  If not, now might be a good time.  Cha-Ching!  Also, I never knew what the hell fast fashion or Fashion Nova was, but now I do.  Imagine how many others have now been put on as well.  Cha-ching!

Publicity, what a powerful business tool.  If you can harness the power and control it, you can take your brand or your cause to the next level.  Start plotting!

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