This Is The Fastest Way To Fall Asleep

Have you ever been next to someone who is desperately trying to stay awake, but keeps falling asleep?

They close their eyes and BOOM they’re off to dreamland.  Then when they sense you looking at them or about to nudge them they suddenly wake up.  It’s always the same false statement once they open their eyes.  “I’m awake”.

If you ever find yourself in desperate need of a good night’s sleep and don’t want to deal with the side effects of drugs and or alcohol (good idea), then you might want to follow in the footsteps of your sleepy friend.

In this article from Psychology today we learn that “one of the most effective treatments for insomnia is called Paradoxical Intention (PI)”.  Recommended by The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, PI “involves remaining passively awake and avoiding any efforts to fall asleep.” 

You see, this is exactly what your sleepy friend was doing. Little did your friend know, their attempt to stay awake was actually helping them fall asleep faster.

The name of the game here is ‘performance anxiety’.   Close your eyes and think about something you’re really good at.  Now think about a time when you were really being depended on to show how good you are at this one thing in front of everyone for the first time.  How did you perform?

“The goal is to eliminate performance anxiety, as it may inhibit sleep onset.”

In the movie, 8Mile Eminem’s character who goes by the rap name ‘Rabbit’ is a very skilled freestyle rapper.  In fact, he might be the most skilled rapper in his home town of Detroit.  He wants to use his skills to get himself out of poverty, but there’s one problem.   He has the worst case of ‘Performance anxiety’ you’ve ever seen.

By the end of the movie, Rabbit must find a way to let go and overcome any and every worry he has about performing to the best of his abilities in front of everyone.  This is what you must do to easily fall asleep.

The next time you are in dire need to get some shut eye, just forget about how important it is.  Instead, turn the tables on your worrisome mind and let go.  If possible, take a nice shower first, then, turn off the lights, lay down in your bed and try your best to stay awake. 

Now you know the fastest way to fall asleep.  Try it out and tell us all how it goes by leaving a reply in the comment box below. Goodnight.

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