This Plant Can Save Your Life

The Cattail or genus Typha plant can be a lifesaver if you’re ever stuck in the wilderness.  The Typha family contains over 30 species and is usually found around natural water sources.  Now let’s get to the good stuff.

There are numerous survival uses for this plant that ironically looks like a corndog.  I say ‘ironically’ because of the fact that these green guardians can be used as a food source. 

One that is a lot healthier for you than the aforementioned corndog.  Below is a list of 9 ways this plant can help you in a survival situation.  For a detailed breakdown of each of these check out this article.

9 Ways To Use Cattail Survival Situation

  • Tinder – To start fires
  • Torches – To transport fire
  • Insulation – To stay warm in low temperatures
  • Ropes – To make climb or pull
  • Baskets – To transport essentials
  • Arrows – To hunt with or cut
  • Shelter – To shield from the elements
  • Food and Nutrition – To give your body fuel
  • Medicine – To heal yourself and others

Hopefully, the information here will stay in the back of your mind locked away in case of emergency, or on a softer note, provide you with some uncommon knowledge to pass along.

[Feature Photo by DUOTONE on Pixabay]

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