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Top 3 Reasons Not To Follow Your Passion

After reading an article featuring billionaire Mark Cuban’s take on ‘following your passion’, I started to analyze the subject matter.  “One of the great lies of life is ‘follow your passions’,” says Cuban.  Let’s dissect that statement.

The Game of Life

In the article Cuban goes on to explain how his passion was to play professional baseball and basketball, but once he realized he did not have the adequate skills to reach the highest level he restructured his goals.

“I used to be passionate to be a baseball player. Then I realized I had a 70-mile-per-hour fastball.  I used to be passionate about being a professional basketball player. Then I realized I had a 7-inch vertical,” says Cuban.

Top 3 Reasons Not To Follow Your Passion

  1. Skills
  2. Resilience
  3. Money


This is really simple; If you are not good at something you will not go very far, in turn, if you’re not good at something you are passionate about it’s probably a bad idea to try to spend your days and nights trying to do it for a living.   All the passion in the world is not going to help you be a famous world-renown chef if you can’t even boil water properly. 

Anyone telling you to follow your passion while knowing that your skill level is low and very unlikely to improve is doing you way more harm than good.  Their politically correct advice may come across as being helpful, but it’s actually very selfish. 

They are telling you what you want to hear to make themselves feel good about cheering you on while preventing conflict and confrontation should you get defensive about your shortcomings.  Meanwhile, they are really enabling you like a drug addict’s friend lending them money knowing damn well they are going to use it to buy crack.


If you have the skills, but don’t have the stomach for the trials and tribulations involved with following your passion, you will most likely fail in the long run.  Sure you may get a morsel of success, but eventually, your weaknesses will reveal themselves at the worst possible time. 

If you somehow found a way to suppress your lack of resilience for a long time, hitting a wall will be very difficult to recover from.  Sure you could gain resilience down the line, through trial and error, but I’m not talking about those people. 

I am talking about the type of people who live with a sense of entitlement and are set in their ways about everything coming easily to them.  Those people will always quit when the going gets tough.  This is usually because there is always someone there to pick up the pieces for them.


If you don’t have the skills to pay the bills won’t get paid, right?  It’s all about the Benjamins baby!  To be honest it’s going to take more than just skills as stated above and below this sentence. If you don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle, you will go broke trying to follow your passion.   

Then you’ll be depending on all of those fake friends (crack enablers) who cheered you on to get you out of the gutter.  I guess when that time comes you’ll find out who your real friends are.

The Solution

While the idea of following your passion is a very positive and motivating suggestion, it won’t magically make your life better. I go over this in detail in my Hubpages article, How To Make A Million Dollars Without Working Another Day In Your Life!  Click that link if you want some more insight.  To sum it all up, I came up with a formula to ensure you a million dollars and up.

S(PMCR) = 1M^ (simplified) 

This translates into, Skill (Passion, Motivation, Confidence, Resilience) = 1 million up.  Notice how “skill” is the constant?  This is because without skills it’s hard to reach a goal and impossible to sustain success.

If you haven’t realized by now the advice given here doesn’t really suggest you NOT follow your passion.  The advice given here is suggesting you ONLY follow your passion should you possess the necessary tools to achieve sustainability.  If you’re still with me then go back up and take a look at the numbers again. 

In the top 3 reasons above, you will realize that the motivation and confidence portions of my formula are not in there.  That’s not a mistake.

If you are expertly skilled at something motivation and confidence will arise naturally.  Add all of this up and it’s almost guaranteed you reach a goal capable of supporting your financial, emotional, biological, and psychological needs.

In other words, if you possess the skills, passion, motivation, confidence, and resilience to take on an economically profitable goal, you are most likely to spend less time at ‘work’ wishing you weren’t there.  In fact, you might even find yourself wishing you could ‘work’ more!  If I was asked to put a solution into one sentence I’d say; find out what you are good at and the passion will automatically grow inside you.

If you’re a little confused about where your current path is leading you, Dr. Joe Vitale says he can help you look yourself in the mirror and figure it out.

“If you put in enough time, and you get really good, I will give you a little secret: Nobody quits anything they are good at because it is fun to be good. It is fun to be one of the best.”

-Billionaire Mark Cuban.

[Feature Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash]

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