When you are young food shopping with your parents was pretty fun. For most kids, this is when they learned how to negotiate.  If you wanted that sugar-filled cereal or that artificially flavored candy you’re addicted to, you would try a few tactics right?

The aggressive (or psychotic) kid would yell, scream, and or throw themselves on the floor to get their way.  The manipulative kid would try to be your best little helper, waiting for the right moment to strike once they get to the aisle or cash register.  

Last but, not least, the strategic kid would wait until you were just stressed out and didn’t have the energy to say no. Oh, the memories.  These kids should cherish those moments because once you grow up, food shopping sucks!  I mean it really sucks.

Crowded aisles, disrespectful people, incorrectly priced merchandise, the list goes on and on.  Who needs it!  This is the future right?  We have cars that drive themselves and computers in our pockets.  Here are the Top 5 Ways To Save Time Food Shopping.

5. Walmart – Since Walmart started trying to compete with Amazon us consumers have been reaping the benefits.  Sure your box may arrive a little worse for wear here and there, but at the end of the day it beats putting up with a headache that is Walmart.  Yes, it’s fun to go to Walmart sometimes, but when it’s packed that statement does not hold true.  Right now they’ve updated their smartphone app so it’s pretty easy to just order all the chips, dips and lip licking grub you love.  The apps a little buggy and you might want to think twice about ordering anything that can spoil, but FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING WHEN YOU SPEND $35!

4. Amazon – Amazon gives you similar to benefits to Walmart, but they’ve been doing this whole eCommerce thing better for longer.  Sure you may have to get a subscription to Prime in order to get the two-day shipping, but I have yet to receive an Amazon package come in the condition Walmart packages do.  For some reason, Walmart will package a small item in a big ass box surrounded by plastic wrap.  Isn’t that a waste?  That’s a story for another day, back to Amazon.  Although they have made strides with their Amazon Fresh addition, I’d still think twice about ordering something that can go bad in transport.  It’s always going to be hit or miss with a big online retailer like this.  For those same items you would order from Walmart you can order here, and you’re more likely to receive them in better condition based on my experience.

3. Food Subscription Services – Now we’re getting a little fancy.  If you hate food shopping, like being hands-on, are tired of eating the same crap every week, or just watched a bunch of Food Network shows, then a food subscription service would work for you.  You pick the type of meal you want and they send you the ingredients and instructions to do it yourself.  Most meals don’t take more than 30 minutes to prepare and are fairly easy to make.  Depending on your budget and number of people in your household this could work for you.  The only issue I’ve come across is lazy drivers incompetently leaving your order in a building lobby or claiming they can not find your address. With this one, you have to do a little trial and error with the different companies.  Sun BasketHello Fresh, Plated and Home Chef are three well-known services.

2. Your Local Grocery Delivery Service – Services like Stop & Shop’s Peapod have made food shopping a breeze.  Unlike Walmart and Amazon, you are extremely likely to get your fresh food in good condition.  Think about it, these local grocery services have one thing to do; Get fresh food to customers.  They are not big box online stores spreading themselves thin trying to do too much.  They have specifically enhanced, refrigerated vehicles made to keep foods at safe temperatures.  The other plus is that the food comes from your local grocer, so less distance to travel naturally increases the odds of you getting the food fresher.  Peapod is not the end all for local grocery delivery.  In fact, there’s also Fresh Direct and a few others.  In fact, your favorite supermarket probably has a delivery service you didn’t even know about. The caveat here is the price.  It will cost you a bit more for these services, but if you have the money and don’t have the time or don’t want to deal with actually going to the market, spending the extra coin is worth it.  This is your life, your time, don’t waste it spending 2 hours in a crowded supermarket if you don’t have to.

1. Members Only Retail Warehouses – Oh yea baby.  With stores like BJs, Sam’s Club, and Costco, you get it all.  Online shopping so you don’t have to deal with the grocery store CHECK.  Buying food in bulk so you don’t have to shop again for a while CHECK.  Yes, this is number one ladies and gentleman.  Honestly, there are times when price matching will result in one of the other online stores maybe being less if you buy say 100 granola bars on sale one week, but “ain’t nobody got time for that!”  Buy one box with 100 of them in the one box, then take them wherever you want.  Do you like salmon? Buy a months worth of frozen salmon and cook it up when you want to.  The biggest problem here is size.  You have to make sure that your box of 100 granola bars isn’t the mini ones.

There you have it, the Top 5 Ways To Save Time Food Shopping.  Although I put these in numerical order you can decide which one is best for you.

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