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Use This Simple Trick To Ace Your Next Exam

Assuming you have already had a nice snack to “enhance memory, attention span, and brain function”, and you’ve already found a study environment that works best for you, the simple trick mentioned in the title will be the final step to top it all off.  But, before we get to that let’s just touch on the two previously mentioned strategies.

Nice Snacks

There are several studies which suggest that a diet healthy in fruits, vegetables, protein, and fiber help your brain perform at optimum levels.  Yes, it’s often difficult to eat ‘the right stuff’ while traversing today’s world, but when your main priority is retaining information, jump-starting the helpful cells in your body won’t be accomplished by eating those chips you’ve been craving for.  Here are some good examples of helpful foods courtesy of WebMD.

  • Caffeine Can – Makes You More Alert
  • Sugar – Enhance Alertness
  • Fish – Really is Brain Food
  • Nuts and DARK Chocolate – Fights cognitive decline
  • Avocados and Whole Grains – Enhances blood flow
  • Blueberries – May Protects the brain from damage

Study Environment

When it comes to where you should study, there are really only two choices.  Either you’re going to be in a ‘quiet place’ or a ‘noisy place’.  As time goes by this has been debated by many, but to this day the most logical solution seems to be; do what works best for you. 

For every person that says you have to study in a quiet room, there are successful people who do their best learning while listening to MUSIC.  This is why I’m not going to suggest study environments. What I’m offering here is the best before and after studying routine.

Nap Time

Healthy snacks, check.

Preferred working environment, check.

Studying, check.

Now, here’s what you do IMMEDIATELY after all that.  You sleep.  That’s it.  You take your ass to bed and you don’t wake up until it’s time to take that test.  That’s right, studies show that taking a nap right after learning something helps your brain retain the information. 

That isn’t so hard to do, right?  Unless of course, you have problems sleeping.  Then you may want to read this.  Sweet dreams.

[ Feature Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash]

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