What are negative calorie foods?

What Are Negative Calorie Foods?

Yes, you read that right.  Imagine being able to eat all the pizza, hamburgers, cake, cookies and pies you want without all those weight gaining calories.  Well, keep imagining because that’s a damn dream. 

But, fear not.  Although you may not be able to eat what you desire, you can still munch on some pretty tasty foods can logically reverse your calorie intake.

Negative  Calorie Foods are basically foods that require your body to burn more calories for digesting them than their actual calorie content.  Here’s an example; You eat an apple that’ say, 3 calories. 

By the time your body uses the energy necessary to eat the apple (biting, chewing, digesting) you’ve already burned off the 3 calories and then some giving you the “negative calorie effect”. 

This phrase negative calorie effect is often used in addition to “negative calorie foods”,  due to the fact that this is a process that requires not only the food to get the desired subtraction of calories.  So what are these foods you’re probably thinking?

If you had the hindsight to assume that these foods would only be fruits and vegetables you’ll be happy, yes happy to know that you’re wrong.  While most of these foods are fruits and veggies, there are also spices and meats that can give you the negative calorie effect.   Check out this list below.

Cause & Effect

This is all good and dandy, but before you go stuffing your face with these foods or trying to add them to your ice cream sandwich, let’s get something clear.  To get the desired full effect which in this case would be the “negative calorie effect” you have to follow the rules. 

Adding a bunch of these to your favorite meal or snack is not going to reverse or subtract the number of calories in the crap you’re eating that’s not on this list.  In addition, as I mentioned before in the example with the apple, each food has a certain amount of calories. 

You add more and the calories go up.   If 1 apple = 3 calories, then 2 apples = 6 calories.  Once those numbers go up you will have to do more than simply chew and digest to work those off. 

Also, don’t go switching up your diet to just eat these foods.  Our bodies actually need calories, and each individual’s calorie intake varies.

I think it’s logical to assume that if you’re not doing many physical activities the foods on this list might be nice to snack on. If you will be active you can probably go a little crazy knowing that you will burn most of them off.

Either way, Consult with your doctor before getting any bright ideas.  Trying to outsmart mother nature has its consequences.

[Feature Photo by Christopher Flowers on Unsplash]

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