what's being broke mean to you?

What’s Your Definition Of Broke?

We’ve all heard the statement before, in fact, we’ve probably all said it at one point in our lives. It’s usually a response to somewhere you want to go, something you want to do, or something you want to buy, but can’t afford; I’m “BROKE”.

I can’t go this week, “I’m broke”. I can’t afford that guuuurl, “I’m broke”. What does being “broke” even mean? Broke is usually a word associated with bones or a cheap toy that just stopped working a day after the warranty. How did this word become the number one go-to for expressing empty pockets and barren bank accounts?

There are disagreements about the etymology of the word “broke”, but who cares about that? Let’s just analyze it right now. It obviously comes from the word “broken” so let’s look at that.

Broken; Having undergone or been subjected to fracture. Not working properly. Made weak or infirm. Reduced in rank. Disconnected.

Hmm. It all makes sense, doesn’t it? No matter how much anyone tries to say otherwise having money or something of value to trade is necessary for your survival. Someone who is “broke” is indeed fractured, not working properly, weakened, reduced from rank, and disconnected.

Without some coin, you start worrying about money. You feel down on yourself, a little broken, even physically weak. How do you feel when all your friends want to go somewhere or buy something and you can’t? Disconnected? Here’s where we take control.

“When I say I’m broke it doesn’t mean I don’t have any money. It means I don’t have any money for stuff I don’t need right now.”

When you say “I’m broke” what does it mean to you? If it means that you literally have no money at all, not a penny to your name that’s a problem. Of course, there are circumstances that put you in a position to be penniless, but whenever possible you should be planning ahead. “Broke” should mean you don’t have money to spend on “wants”. This will keep you from not having money for “needs”. You NEED money for needs.

As for your friends, family and all those other people hassling you about how you’re not really broke, or telling you to stop being cheap…YOLO, here’s a great response; Just hold out your hand. If you’re on the phone send a hand emoji with an arrow pointing to the palm. Maybe add some money in there. They aren’t paying your bills so who cares what they say?

If you agree with this philosophy do this when you get a chance; Go check your bank and credit card statements and see how many unnecessary items pop up. Things you didn’t really need at the time. Pinpoint how many of those things were worth the price. If what you have leftover amounts to a sum that could easily pay off a nagging bill, it’s time to make a change.

[Feature Photo by Julian Santa Ana on Unsplash ]

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