Who’s Got Your Back?

At a time when racial tension and tribalist emotions have saturated daily news cycles, it’s nice to see a different type of gang come together to assist one of their own.

According to a story from AP, a young Minneapolis Entrepreneur named Jaequan Faulkner was reported for “operating a hot dog stand without a license”.  Looking at this situation fairly you may be able to understand both sides of this.

This is not the first time a situation like this has made the news.  Earlier this year news sources reported Denver police shutting down some kids’ lemonade stand for not having a permit.  If you read the reports, in that case, you’ll find out that a rival lemonade vendor made the complaint.

Initial thoughts would be that this person is just a hater.  Whether this is true or not doesn’t change the fact that you need a permit to sell food and beverages in most if not all states.  This kind of leaves those looking for a piece of the American dream with a sour taste in their mouths.

Like it or not the law is the law and let’s be honest, frivolous lawsuits are one of the best get rich quick schemes. Going after food and beverage providers is not unusual.

So at the end of the day getting licensed is in your best interest.  Unfortunately, they don’t even attempt to teach you about Entrepreneurship in school, so most people are forced to learn lessons the hard way.

The American Dream in a capitalist society proves ironic if you realize who’s in charge.  Since the old style of slavery is no longer legal, the next best thing is to perpetuate “Debt Slavery”.

Let’s brainwash kids to go to college, get in debt and be stuck in a constant battle for financial freedom for most of their life.  The few that slip through the cracks and become self-made millionaires are just seen as outliers or just another way to “keep hope alive”.

They need you to think there’s a chance for a better life.  That keeps you going.  Let them see a few “make it”.  Meanwhile, the majority of the population still provides enough fuel to keep the fat cats nice and plump.  What’s the solution, we need more hot dog stands? No, we need just need more STANDS.

“Daniel Huff, the department’s environmental health director, said the agency was excited to help a young man with such drive. Huff also contacted the Northside Economic Opportunity Network, which gave Jaequan some pointers on running a business and keeping his stand clean.”

If more people would stand up like the good people in  Jaequan Faulkner’s community did we could change things for the better.  You see the difference between the two STANDS here is the fact that one community stood together as far as I know the other didn’t.

In the case of the hot dog stand, “instead of closing down the operation, the agency decided to help — health inspectors even pitched in to pay for the $87 permit, Minnesota Public Radio reported.”  That in addition to the loyal returning customers that could easily go elsewhere for a bite to eat presents a prime example of what America is supposed to be about.

“Home of the brave, land of the free” and all that.  And just to show you that this train isn’t stopping anytime soon,  Jaequan Faulkner intends to keep paying it forward.

Word is that “Jaequan said he’s also thinking about donating some of his earnings to charities that help people with depression.”  Now that’s what I call REFRESHING.

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