Why Are Dollars Green?

Have you ever wondered why dollars are green?  It would be strange to think of American currency with any other hue, but other countries have bills in an assortment of different colors.  Why is ours green?

According to this article from the History.com, in 1929 American bills began being “printed with green ink because the ink was plentiful and durable and the color green was associated with stability”.  Let’s bypass the technical reasons here, and look at the ideology Greenbacks.

“Sequoia Sempervirens,” he says, “always green, ever living.”

One of my most popular articles online is an analysis I did on Alfred Hitcocks classic film Vertigo.  In it, I explain how the use of the color green is an essential element used by the director to hammer home his theme. Life, death, rebirth.  So how does this relate to the all mighty dollar?

I’d say money is the single most important determining factor in how your life begins and ends.   One day it could even be the determining factor in deciding which humans return from the dead, if ever possible.  Think about it. 

If you take two healthy, identical twins, and raise them from birth leaving one to grow up without much money and one to grow up with an abundance, which of them do you think has a logically better chance of survival?

If you were to remove any extraordinary circumstances and just look at the data, more money will always give you a logically better chance of survival.  Without the money to fight off things like disease, ailments, hunger, etc. you are left to fend for yourself. 

I know what some of you are thinking.  Yes, a tribe may be able to hunt and gather while healthy, but if the breadwinner gets sick it would be nice to be able to trade your green money in for some food.   

I think our government knew what they were doing in 1929.  Wait a minute isn’t that the same year of the stock market crash that started the Great Depression?  Couldn’t pick a better time to motivate people to make money huh?  Talk about STABILITY.

Look around you.  Trees, grass, leaves, they don’t just represent life, they literally keep us alive!  Now throw in our Homo Sapien, natural born survival instincts and it makes sense that your banking apps use green for income and red for deductions.

You do know what red signifies, right?  I do I and I ‘d like to see the least amount of that color as possible, for a very long time.

P.S. for those of you reading this in the distant future…this is why your digital credits, Bitcoins, or whatever you call your currency now is GREEN.  Hopefully, you’re perplexed or laughing at this because you guys don’t even use currency anymore. 

Back in 2018 though, you needed a lot of this to be able to live a truly fulfilled life.  And now I think your confusion and laughter may be turning to tears.  Yes, it was a very sad world back then.

I wonder what sparked you to read a post asking, why are dollars green? Please let me know. Leave a reply in the comment box below.

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