Let’s be honest, it’s becoming harder and harder to get around upgrading your smartphone.  In theory, one might think their saving money by holding onto their iPhone or Android phone until it completely stops working, but are you really saving as much as you think you are?

So, why would you even want a smartphone in the first place, huh?  Let’s start by playing Devil’s Advocate and listing “6 Reasons Not To Buy A New Smartphone”, courtesy of

  1. Smartphones can be costly
  2. Smartphones can be dangerous
  3. Smartphones can make you lose sleep
  4. Smartphones can harm your relationships
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  6. Smartphones can hamper learning
  7. Smartphones can be addictive

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand…Dollars?

How costly are these smartphones?  “For Americans who pay for smartphone service through an individual plan, 43% say the monthly bill runs between $50 and $100. For Americans on a group or family plans, 57% pay between $100 and $200 a month, and 21% pay $200 or more.”  

Damn, that sucks, not to mention the fact that these phones now cost more than desktops and laptops and we’re already leasing and financing them as if they were automobiles. This might sound a little discouraging but, when you realize how much time AND money they can save you the scales get tipped significantly.

If you look at the situation over time, smartphones can actually save you time AND money.  Something we here at Tizzime strive to do all day every day!  Now, check this out;  This is why buying a new smartphone is worth the money.

A Harris Interactive poll conducted a few years ago stated that “97 percent of smartphone owners use at least one app on their device. On average, those smartphone users estimate app usage amounts to 88 minutes of time saved a day or 22 days of free time a year.”  Think about it, in this fast-moving world we now live in every minute is like an eternity.  

Sure some folks spend their free time scrolling down their Facebook wall or swiping through pictures on Instagram, but they also; read and write emails, transfer money, keep in touch with family and friends, set appointments, pay bills, etc.  This could go on forever.

And you do this all from the palm of your hand.  Imagine how much time all of that would take without the luxury of a smartphone.

As for money, it’s a no-brainer.  There are apps that compare prices, find deals on gas, food, books, cars, everything, There’s even an app that actually saves money for you.  No love fest here, just honesty.  The pros beat the cons.

Okay, smartphones are dangerous.  People text and drive.  True, true, but what about all those times you were lost in your car and were able to find your way due to navigation, or were able to get help quickly with 911 on speed dial?  Yes, smartphones make you lose sleep.  That one can be paired with addiction and number 5 (smartphones hamper learning).

It’s hard to put the phone down, but “with great power comes great responsibility”, right?  What’s left?  Oh, relationships.  Yea, smartphones harm relationships.  This could go either way.  

Yes if you’re Anthony Weiner, maybe not so much if you’re a sales agent or business professional.  Now for the nitty-gritty.  Why is it worth it to buy a NEW smartphone?

Hello, Is It Me Your Looking For?

This only goes out to those affected by the sluggish crawl of an outdated smartphone that they refuse to admit is pissing them off.  You’ve seen that person before.  The one who is dying to show you something on their phone, but almost throws it to the ground when it takes 2 minutes to load.  

Speed is the catalyst here.  Sure if you’re a retired or filthy rich and you don’t have to change speeds for anyone, go ahead and keep that old phone. In fact, you can probably go old school and get a flip phone.  Less radiation, longer battery life.  But, if time and money are important to you’re going to need a phone that’s going to get the job done.

Yes, these damn things might be killing us slowly or turning us into a bunch of zombies, but you have to use the tools at your disposal in a war.  Yes, war.  The war is on for your life.  Before you know it you’ll look in the mirror and ask, “where did the time go?”

You owe it to yourself and those you love, to do everything you can to enjoy as much of life as possible.  These gadgets, if used correctly can help you get more done in less time. 

So now you know why buying a new smartphone is worth the money.  Do you agree or disagree? 

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