Why You Shouldn’t Delete Your Facebook Page

Many might be asking themselves the same question right now;  “Should I delete my Facebook account?”  For those of you who look up to Tesla’s Elon Musk, the question may be easier to answer.

Not long after Facebook’s latest data breach, he removed his Tesla and SpaceX accounts from Facebook’s social media network.  The fallout has been all over the news. Facebook has lost billions in market share, the public’s trust in them is waning and it seems like the correlation with Trump might be the last straw for some.

I like to try to cut through the fat and get straight to the point as much as I can without offending anyone (hard to do in the manufactured, sensitive climate we now live in).  With that being said; ladies, gentleman, or whatever you identify as please allow me a minute to explain what’s really going on. These are the reasons why you shouldn’t delete your Facebook page

This is mainly about Trump.  To be more accurate, using the hate for Trump to manipulate Americans.  Whether you’re on the Trump Train or on the fence, with the #MeToo Movement or a Never Trumper, his presidency has put the divisiveness of this country under a microscope, leaving those with liberal views having a much bigger voice than others.  Due to that biased imbalance, when you turn on the tv this is what the translation is:

Facebook helped Trump win the election—–>Facebook is bad—–>MUST DELETE FACEBOOK.

This is in part due to most mainstream media being owned by people who identify as Liberals. So it’s only logical that this agenda will be put in front of more eyes and ears. The more you see and hear something the more it becomes true. 

So if “the public” hates Trump and Facebook helped Trump, then by default the zombies…I mean followers…I mean “the public” must hate Facebook as well.  BY NO MEANS AM I CALLING ALL FACEBOOK MEMBERS ZOMBIES.  Just the ones that allow the peer pressure of others to dictate the moves they make in their own lives.

Let’s be honest, I think most people knew what Facebook has been doing with our data for years now.  If you currently have a Facebook account you may remember the time a young Mark Zuckerberg called you a “dumb F*ck”.  If not here’s a reminder or introduction. So why all the hoopla now?

Make America Fake Again

A lot of people are finding themselves following trends again.  Having your own opinion is toxic to relationships especially if it opposes the majority of your family and friends.  So the real question is not, “should I delete Facebook,” the real question is, “should I follow the trend?”

Subtracting the emotion from this decision and looking at it from a strictly logical perspective, you probably have three main answers to the question, “should I delete Facebook?”

  1. If you are successfully using Facebook for business purposes then you’d probably be a fool to delete your account.  Mark Zuckerberg may be called many things, but “dumb f*ck” ain’t one of them.  He has created an advertising platform that combines a very efficient algorithm with the personal data that a lot of you have given him.  The result is one of the most, if not the most cost-effective, successful marketing tools any business could dream of.  In other words; Follow the crowd and LOSE MONEY or continue using Facebook to MAKE MONEY and cut down on offering up so much of your personal information. Keep it strictly business.  Unless they change their algorithm in a way that decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of ads, stay right where you are.  Deleting your page at this time will do you more harm than good.  Even if you don’t use it for business, you may want to in the future.  Let’s be honest no matter what the news tells you there are millions of people who are so addicted to Facebook that it doesn’t matter what the social network does wrong, they ain’t going to leave.
  2. If you just use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, here’s an idea; There’s a thing called a PHONE that was invented many years ago.  You can pick this device up dial some numbers and in seconds you’ll be magically connected to anyone in the world.  You can even send high-quality pictures with them now…WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY.  Older people will get that joke.  Or you can get off your lazy, selfish butt and go visit them.
  3. If you just use Facebook to feed your social media addiction and need those meme’s, videos, GIFs, selfies, and quotes to get through your day, then you need an intervention.  I’m not going to be nice about it.  If you are so dependent on likes and follows then you are literally wasting your time here on Earth.  Unplug.  Go out there and see what the world has to offer if you afford to.  If not go up and read number 2 again.  Hopefully, your response to this suggestion is not, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.  Younger folks will get that joke. 🙂

Okay, there you have it people, the answers to the question, “should I delete Facebook?”  I hope you have found this both entertaining and insightful.  In all honesty, I want you all to get the most you can out of life.  This is why I created this site and write these blog posts. 

For those who really like the idea of unplugging from social media and using that important time to get to know yourself and find out what it is you really want out of life, I suggest trying out Tony Robbins’ THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE / RPM LIFE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.  I wonder if Myspace can make a comeback now?

That’s my opinion on why you shouldn’t delete your Facebook page. But, I want to know what you think. Leave a reply in the comment box below.

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