You Are Royalty

If you were sitting on the throne how would you run your kingdom? Would you rule through fear like a tyrant or through respect and honor? These questions may seem better suited for a fantasy, but the reality is you’re already in charge.

You currently and for the rest of your life no matter the outcome are the sole ruler of the kingdom of YOU. That’s right, you call the shots in your life. But, do you act like it?

I saw a quote the other day, it said, “always act like you are wearing an invisible crown”. What does this mean to you? To me, it means that I should be treated with respect. My words should be heard and dissected without prejudice and I should seek counsel when needed.

I have an army who will raise their weapons and fight for me at a moments notice. And I have people that depend on me for their survival. Don’t get off track here. I’m not referring to a caretaker such as a parent or a guardian. I am talking about you. Just YOU.

Whether you believe it or not the choices you make every second of every day give you control over your life. Just like a king or queen has control of the lives of their people. If this sounds a little cooky to you I get it, but it will all make sense the next time you’re fight or flight kicks in.

The next time you’re in a position where you or someone you care about is being taken advantage of or misunderstood. When you’re deciding to ball up your fist and take a swing or run to live and fight another day. Just take a breath, relax and say to yourself, “I am a king” or “I am a queen” a few times. Your preference. Try saying it right now. See what happens.

The mind is a powerful instrument. I have studied and am still studying mindfulness and can confirm that it’s not a crock. Science mixed with spirituality at it’s finest. While I can’t say a tactic like this will work for everyone, I can say that if you felt calming energy take over your body after that king/queen mantra we are on the same page.

This is not a suggestion to run around acting like you’re above everyone else. If you are getting that from this reading you’re missing the point. Hold your bearings, make wise well thought out decisions and seek counsel when you’re not sure what to do. Those are the traits of a great king/queen I’m referring to. This means that we’re all royalty. Anyway, that’s just my take on it. Good day Your Highness.

[Feature Photo by Valario Davis on Unsplash ]

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