Your Health Is An Investment Not An Expense

You look at the envelope with an aggressive amount of disdain. Another medical bill, staring you in the face. You can almost see the smirk. Once you slice it open and plunge your fingers into the guts of the envelope, you come across a familiar sight to behold. The “damage” is more than you anticipated.

As medical costs rise and paychecks steadily fall far behind, it almost seems like a good financial decision to keep your distance from the doctor’s office. While this may be a wise decision in some unique situations it’s not the best strategy for many of us. Let’s do the math.

If you’re a hypochondriac who’s always looking for the next medical emergency then having a wait and see approach to certain doctor visits and tests might be a sound strategy. But, if you have a legitimate illness or ongoing symptoms that harass you on a daily basis, worrying about your bank account instead of your health could be one of the most deadly decisions you can make.

Medical bills are full of upcharges and hidden fees just like a car dealership or any other business. Yes, healthcare is a business. Hopefully, that isn’t news to you. Once you realize this, then you have to treat it as such. What happens when you really want to buy something and can’t afford it? You find a way to get it right? Whether that be credit, savings, hard work or by some other means. If you are able to do that for a WANT then you are certainly able to do that for a NEED. You absolutely NEED to be healthy. As healthy as you possibly can.

Imagine neglecting constant back pain or a lump on your body that never subsides, just because you are afraid of the monetary repercussions. Next thing you know the pain and discomfort lands you in the one place you so desperately tried to dodge, the hospital. Now doctors and nurses are looking at you with sombered eyes, searching for the right way to give you some terrible news. News that would have had a more positive impact had you not been terrified by a piece of paper with numbers on it.

By no means am I trying to minimize the effect the predatory healthcare BUSINESS has on us mentally and physically? Being in debt can literally make you sick. But, there are ways to deal with the bullies. Don’t allow them to control your life.

Did you know that as of last year Up to 80% of Hospital Bills Have Errors? That’s right. Some of these are probably honest mistakes, but from my experience, I would question the validity of a large portion. If you want to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of there are choices such as requesting an itemized bill and negotiating balances owed. Yes, this is a bit of a headache and an inconvenience but, it beats just taking it up you know what.

The best advice would be to handle your BUSINESS at the doctor’s office by making sure your health is in check then checking through your bills later to make sure everything is legit. As for the money that you legitly have to pay look at it as an investment. Just like your 401k or small business loan, your health is something worth gambling your money on. Listen, there’s only one way to get around paying bills, that’s death. Plain and simple. No sugar coding it. Do what you gotta do and hopefully, you won’t be cashing in your chips for a very long time.

[Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash]

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