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Your Roommate Can Help Your Love Life

He left dishes in the sink again.  She refuses to take the garbage out even when you’re on vacation.  Loud music at 4AM?  What type of person is this?  These are just a few of the issues you may deal with while dealing with a roommate.  But, you should just try to hang in there as long as you can because it might just benefit you in the future.

It’s probably hard to believe that your roommate can help your love life. Destroy your love life you’re probably thinking is more accurate. But alas, science is keeping hope alive.

A recent article from Psychology Today suggests that living with a roommate prior to a serious relationship may give you a leg up on the challenges that lie ahead.

In an age where jokes about millennials living in their parent’s basement run rapid, studies suggest that getting out of the house and living with a stranger or friend may be a great way to ease you into independence.  Amongst other life lessons that may not be so appealing.  It will also help you STAY OUT by helping you deal with a serious relationship more rationally.

“Some evidence suggests that the experience of having roommates actually seems to increase our skills with romantic partners as well.”

All common sense here, but nice to see the facts laid down in front of you.  “Those who live with roommates tend to be on more solid financial footing compared to those who live with their parents”.  Think about it.  You live with someone else, you have bills to pay, right? 

Whether they get paid on time or not, just being in that position and having that responsibility gives you experience.  Succeed without getting evicted and you at least know you and your future spouse have a better chance with an expert like you around.

In the end, I agree with Sharon Sassler, Ph.D., and Amanda Miller, Ph.D., there are definitely valuable lessons that can be learned from the struggles of living with a roommate.  Whether those experiences be bad or good.  Based on these studies and common sense analysis, I’d say these lessons will also give you a great advantage over the opposing competition fighting for the heart of your future significant other.  “Living with an unrelated person forces you to learn how to navigate difficult conversations, negotiate sticky situations, and learn to share space.”  Totally.

After reading this do you feel that your roommate can help your love life? Leave a reply in the comment box below.

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